A See-Saw horoscope. Eight planets on one half, two on the other. Increases focus on relationships. Six planets in Water signs emphasize her emotions and increase the chance of responding to everything emotionally, instinctively (remember when she flashed David Letterman?). Pluto rules the sign on the cusp (beginning) of her house of work (6th house) and Uranus rules her Mid-Heaven (career). Both are located in her 5th house (creativity, love, romance). Her work and career must be creative. Drew has to love what she does or she cannot do it. She is not likely to succeed at a desk job! Mars (action) is her only Earth sign planet and Neptune (imagination and film) her only one in a Fire sign. Neptune draws part of the chart’s “energy” to her 6th house. This is consistent with work in the film industry. With the Sun (ego) at the top of the horoscope and emphasis on the 5th house, there is littler likelihood of her going into medicine of social work, and, somehow, I just can’t picture her as an oceanographer. Mars draws the rest of the chart’s “energy” to the 8th house (sex). I leave it to you as a homework assignment to figure out what that means.


Drew Barrymore


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