Inventor of the geodesic dome. A Grand Trine in Water Signs. Jupiter sits right on top of the Sun and trines the Moon. Good for getting the big picture. Jupiter also gives an inner optimism that can keep you going no matter what. Important here because Fullerís Moon made square aspects to his Neptune and Pluto. This gives a tendency to major mood swings (Moon/Pluto) based on fantasies (Moon in Pisces square Neptune). Uranus (originality) trines his Sun, Moon and Jupiter completing the Grand Trine. He never invented anything ordinary. Mars and Venus are both Singleton. Mars in Leo is his only Fire Sign placement. Venus in Virgo was his only planet in an Earth sign. Mars in Leo is dramatic. Venus in Virgo emphasizes practicality and usefulness. But that strong Uranus always makes for solutions that are highly original. Notice that Mars Sextiles (60 degree angle) Neptune and that both make aspects to planets in that Grand Trine. Pluto also aspects both Neptune and the Moon. This makes seven planets all configured with each other. Large scale combinations like this are frequently found in the horoscopes of people who make a great contribution to the world.


Buckminister Fuller


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