Carl Jung


.A highly unique horoscope. The planets seem to be in five distinct groups. The chart shape focuses the “energy” on Mars (action) in the career house (10th house) and the sign of Sagittarius (philosophy, higher education, publishing, story-telling). Mars is also singleton. It is his only planet in a Mutable sign, drawing his energy to communications. Well, he did write a lot of books. Six planets in Fixed signs. Stubborn. And a tendency to be concerned with the long-range, the “ultimate”. Another planet to get emphasis is Jupiter, which is the focus of a “yod” formation (two planets 60 degrees apart, and a third one opposite their mid-point). The yod points to the 8th house (sex, death, “rebirth” and rehabilitation). Good to have for a therapist. Neptune square aspect his Sun was probably responsible for his mysticism. There is no “fate” about astrology. We all make choices. This could also have been the horoscope of a producer of pornographic (8th house emphasis) films (Neptune square Sun). What the chart does tell us is that he could not have been an accountant or a bricklayer, or lead a very routine life. If he did, that Neptune would have tended to make him a substance abuser.


Carl Jung


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