A Funnel horoscope with Saturn (ambition, obstacles, persistence, “bad luck”, insecurity, control). He got his big break right after he decided to throw in the towel and quit show business. With Saturn emphasized, you know he had to try directing eventually because he wants to have control. A strong Saturn also makes you serious. Even in his comedies, he hardly ever cracked a smile. A  5 planet majority in Cardinal signs (action). Mars (energy, aggression, fights) is in Clint’s house of day-to-day work (the 6th house). People with that one are usually hard workers, as long as the job has plenty of action and challenges. Mars here doesn’t necessarily mean he fights with co-workers and employees. It could work out in other ways. Most of his movies were violent. Even the comedies. Neptune, planet of dreams and imagination, sits in his 10th house (career) and Neptune also rules the film industry. Other career indicators are Mars making a sextile to his Mid-Heaven from the house of work (action and violence again), Jupiter (“luck”) making a sextile aspect (60 degrees, and any Jupiter aspect is a definite show business indicator) and Mercury (communications) making a square aspect (90 degrees). And it doesn’t hurt for the Mid-Heaven itself to be in Leo, the show business sign.

Clint Eastwood


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