A hard worker (Sun in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn). A majority of planets on the right side of the chart means that other people have to be strongly involved for anything he does to succeed (see Woodrow Wilson). Pluto is his only planet in a Fire Sign. This funnels the “energy” of the chart to Corbin’s 5th house (creativity). And with Pluto, the “energy” is all or nothing. That elevated Moon means that either he or what he does tends to come before the public. Venus sitting close to Saturn is either someone who is allergic to success, blowing their chances just before the big payoff, or someone who becomes very successful (Bill Gates, Oprah) but who has no time to enjoy it. Neptune opposite the Ascendant means that he has to be very careful in the marriage area. There is a tendency to see what he wants to see when it comes to relationships, and not what is really there. That Neptune placement can also get him involved with partners who have substance abuse problems.

Corbin Bernsen


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