Mars exhalted (very strong) in the sign of Capricorn and also in the 7th house (open enemies). A fighter. Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, is on the Mid-Heaven (career), perfect for making a career out of battles. Mars also squares his Sun and Moon, emphasizing this further. Not only that, but Mars is his only planet in an Earth sign, so it becomes Singleton and can focus the chart’s “energy” on action and conflict. And he doesn’t care how big or powerful they are either. Compare his chart with that of William Kunstler, who also had a 7th house Mars. Jack Anderson has a Stellium of 5 planets in the same sign, Libra. Talk about putting all your eggs on one set of scales. But Mars gives an open and direct style. Where does the ability to get the dirty little secret of those in power come from? From the chart shape. This is a Locomotive chart. There is an empty space of about 120 degrees and if you put your finger in the empty space and go counter-clockwise, the first planet you come to is the lead planet. It usually rules the horoscope. In this case, it’s Pluto. This planet, when strong in a chart, gives him the ability and desire to expose hidden dirt.

Jack Anderson


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