Five planets in Fire signs (inspiration), five in Fixed signs (stubborn and persistent). The emphasis is on Fixed and Fire so he will have traits of the sign of Leo (needs attention, nothing but the best, I’m the King). Mars stands out. It’s his only planet in an Air sign. If you’re going to be in sports, you need this planet of energy to be strong. Mars is also the ruler of his Ascendant and it makes an exact semi-sextile to his Mid-Heaven (career). Pluto (obsession) is in his 5th house (sports and games). Obsessed with winning. Fights to the death. Unfortunately, the 5th house also rules gambling, and the Pluto obsession can work here as well. Neptune makes an exact quincunx aspect (150 degrees, an off-again-on-again effect) to his Sun, which is the 5th house ruler. Neptune has to do with “self-undoing” and is as strong in the chart of compulsive gamblers as it is in those of substance abusers.

Pete Rose


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