A Funnel chart. The Moon stands alone and focuses the horoscope’s “energy” to his 5th house (romance, creativity, gambling, speculation). Casinos are a big part of his empire. A Leo Ascendant (not exactly Mr. Modesty). No planets in Earth signs? For someone in real estate? But the Earth sign Taurus is on his Mid-Heaven (career). Whenever a missing element appears on a chart Angle (Ascendant, Mid-Heaven, Descendant, or Nadir) the traits of that sign are strongly emphasized. Only one planet in an Angular house (ability to start things). It is Mars (action, energy, assertiveness) in Leo (Keep that spotlight on me!). Two major aspects to his Mid-Heaven. There is a sextile (favorable, works smoothly) from Mercury (communications). Negotiating is his forte. He even wrote a book called “The Art of the Deal.” The other aspect is from Pluto (extremes, death, “rebirth”, rehabilitation, raw power) which makes a square (stress, obstacles). Yes, he has torn down old buildings to put up new ones. But at one point, he almost lost it all (Pluto is extremes). He turned it around and wrote another book called “The Art of the Comeback”.

Donald Trump


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