We all should have such a great chart for career. The Mid-Heaven is ruled by Jupiter (“luck”) and has only favorable aspects. There are trines (more “luck”) from Jupiter (still more “luck” and a natural for show business; on top of that, powerful and influential people will like you and tend to help you) the Sun (increases self-confidence in career, likes to be center of attention) the Moon (liked by the public). There is a sextile from Saturn for stability in career. However, we should not have a marriage house like hers. Mars and Pluto are both there and that is a violent combination, even though they have no aspect to each other. Mercury rules both the marriage house (7th house) and the home (4th house) and it is placed close to Pluto. Watch out for thermonuclear warfare. But Pluto rules extremes and obsessions, so she would find it difficult to leave. The See-Saw shape of the horoscope focuses her attention on relationships.

Whitney Houston


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