Take a look at his Saturn. It is opposite the Ascendant and makes square aspects to his Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter. Talk about a worrier! Saturn is in Pisces  (illusions) so most of his fears are unfounded. The key to Woody Allen’s horoscope is that T-Cross in Cardinal Signs. Cardinal signs mean action, and what action. Pluto is opposite Mars. Pluto Mars stress Aspects make you destroy things. Venus (art) makes square aspects with both Mars and Pluto and directs this potentially destructive “energy” to creative ends. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much to help his relationships. Destruction and renewal. Great for art. Not good for a stable love life. If the time of his birth is correct, there is a Yod formed by Mars, Pluto, and the Mid-Heaven. Pluto is intense and obsessive, the Mid-Heaven rules career and the public, and both focus on Mars (energy and action) in Woody’s 5th house. This reinforces the effect of his T-Cross. All of his energy (Mars) is compulsively focused (The Yod) to his 5th house (romance and creativity). And that’s Mars in Capricorn where it is very strong. The energy never seems to stop. Movie after movie. Affair after affair.

Woody Allen


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