Founder of the Red Cross. Funnel chart with Mars (action, energy) standing out and focusing the horoscope’s “energy” to the 6th house (work, service, health). That’s one indicator of a hard and tireless worker. Another is that Mars rules the Aries Ascendant. Placement of the Ascendant ruler in the 6th house can produce a workaholic (see Oprah Winfrey’s chart). Another emphasized planet is Venus (love) in Aquarius. It is the only Air sign planet. In addition, Pluto (death, “rebirth”, rehabilitation) in Pisces is the only Water sign placement. Both divert the chart’s “energy” to the 12th house (restrictions, self-undoing, places of restriction, including hospitals).  Five planets in Earth signs gave her a practical orientation. Six planets in Cardinal signs indicate someone who lives to solve the crisis of the moment. If the birth time is correct, there are no planets in Succedent houses, the result houses. This made her indifferent to long range results. But that didn’t mean what she did had no long range effects. Clara Barton lived in an age when most women were expected to live their lives in the kitchen. Four placements were in Capricorn (ambition) in the 10th house (career). That included her Sun and Moon, two major determinants of personality. The Sun is in close conjunction with Neptune (compassion) and Uranus (independence, originality, genius). All three are sitting right on the Mid-Heaven. No way would she lead an “ordinary” life or do what’s “expected."


Clara Barton


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