Six planets in the 12th House! The house of restrictions and hidden things. Well, they never found the bodies of any of the 10 women he married and murdered. Pluto (death) is Singleton twice over. It is the only planet in an Earth Sign (material goods; he killed for money) and the only planet in an Angular House. It also makes a square aspect (stressful) with Mars (action and violence) in the 5th House (love and romance). They say you always hurt the one you love. He killed them. On top of that, Saturn (cold efficiency) is in the 8th House (death). At least 3 midpoint combinations are needed to incline towards murder. Landru has 4. Venus (love) and Neptune (illusions, deception) are on the midpoint of Mars and Saturn (potentially destructive "energy"). Saturn (cold efficiency) is on the Mars/Neptune midpoint, making for violent fantasies, and Mars is on Venus/Saturn (cold and violent).

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Henry Landru


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