A Funnel Chart with the Moon as the spout, drawing the chart’s "energy" to the 2nd House (money) and the sign of Sagittarius (storytelling, publishing, higher education). The Singletons are Jupiter ("luck") in Gemini (communications and information) in the 8th House (rehabilitation, transformation) and Mercury (communication) in the 9th House (publication, higher education). Notice how everything points in the same direction. Leo (show business) is the sign on the Mid-Heaven (career) and the ruler, the Sun, is in the, you guessed it, the 9th House (higher education, publications). The only aspects to that Mid-Heaven are from Mars (energy) and Jupiter ("luck"). Mars also rules the 6th House (work) giving a lot of energy and it is in the 5th House (fun and games) showing that she likes what she does.

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Martha Stewart


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