You might be interested in highly recommended astrology books or software.

There are lots of books out there that take the Sun-Sign approach, which is generally useless. Be careful. Your horoscope is like your fingerprint. Nobody has the exact same chart as you unless they are born at exactly the same time and place. Yet many so-called astrology books only tell you about traits you share with millions of other people. That is not what astrology is about.

Other books seem to be written, as Oscar Wilde said of Henry James, as if the authors regarded writing as "a painful duty". Still others push the authorís personal mystical views that have no place in a work on astrology.

After all, what if you picked up a book on TV repair and were greeted by lengthy passages about your "karma"? "All right everybody. Now we are going to see whatís wrong with that TV. But first, have you done anything today to save your soul?

After all, thatís what is really important." Maybe. But I really want to know how to fix my TV set.

If you want to purchase some good astrology books, try the following:

Diane Cramerís latest book Medical Astrology: Let the Stars Guide You to Good Health, explains how planets,
signs and aspects work in medical astrology. Chart examples help you identify unique health issues in your
own chart.

The valuable information on astrology and nutrition alone is worth the price of the book. There are also specific chapters on identifying heart disease and mental aberrations. Advanced topics like the Decumbiture Chart and South Nodal Chart will help you fine tune your medical astrology expertise. Among other topics included is information on rebalancing with the elements and the modes. This book is useful for both the beginning and advanced astrologer and is available for purchase online exclusively at either or Barnes &

Managing Your Health & Wellness: A Guide to Holistic Health (Astrology Made Easy)Whether it's feeling more energized, losing a few pounds, or alleviating a chronic condition, almost everyone would like to improve some area of their health. With the easy-to-use, completely personalized system found in Managing Your Health & Wellness, anyone can achieve and maintain optimum health. All you need to know is the birth date, time, and location for yourself or the person whose report you are running. The report includes an easy-to-understand astrological birth chart. It analyzes the following factors: exercise and behavior patterns, mental outlook, cravings, resistance to disease, activity level, ability to handle stress, and much more. Finally, it offers suggestions for improving health and well-being that are tailored specifically to the individual whose chart is under consideration.

Author: Diane Cramer is a consulting astrologer, lecturer, and teacher in all aspects of astrology who specializes in medical astrology and nutrition. She frequently lectures for two national astrological organizations
- the NCGR and AFA.

Dictionary of Medical AstrologyA compilation of astrological terms (Physical,Emotional and Mental) and disease significators used in traditional medical astrology.
Author: Diane Cramer
How to Give an Astrological Health Reading
Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the workings of the human body.  A competent medical astrologer can analyze a person's birth chart and determine bodily strengths and weaknesses, proneness to various disease states and nutritional deficiencies.

Author: Diane Cramer


Astrology Articles & Lectures
Articles and transcribed lectures on medical astrology from resident astrologer Diane Cramer. Click here for information on her newest article on astrology and weight gain and weight loss and transcribed lectures on astrology and nutrition and more and for two of Bob Marksí transcribed lectures Ė The Astrology of World Events and Solar Returns.


Bobs Travel on our birthday book cover For centuries, astrology seemed like fate. You could roll with the punches of the planets, but, until now, you couldn't change them. Now there is a way to give a twist to the wheel of fate. Every year on your birthday, you get a solar return horoscope that affects you for the next six months. The nice thing is you can change it by being in a different location on your birthday. This book shows you how. 
Bob Marks

Available online at: and Barnes & Noble

  Synastry: Understanding Human Relations Through Astrology
He does a complete job of explaining how to know about relationships from your horoscope. And itís easy to read as well. Author: Ronald Davison
Astrology For The Millions (Llewellyn's Classics of Astrology Library)
A terrible title, but a good book. One of the best on  making a forecast by transits. Author:Grant Lewi
Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Re-Emerging Feminine
The first, and still the best, book on the influence of asteroids in your horoscope. Author: Demetra George

New Insights into Astrology: Sex Is a T-Square Number Symbolism Harmonics Aspects Asteroids Research
A unique book with insights into number symbolism, aspects, harmonics, lunations, research, solar, and other returns, and asteroids. The most exciting discovery of the author is that when asteroids with names the same as, or similar to, those of yourself or significant others are added to your birth chart, their positions describe you or those significant others.
Author: Nona Gwynn Press

Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs"
What! First he tells us that Sun-Sign books are crap, and then he recommends one! Well after all, Sun-Signs are part of the alphabet of astrology and you just canít learn astrology without knowing what they are. Besides - this is simply the best Sun-Sign book ever.
Author: Linda Goodman

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