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BobMarksAstrologer.com (TM) is over 300 pages of everything you always wanted to know about astrology but were afraid to ask. This website is for people who want to learn about astrology. The site is growing, so be sure to log on every few weeks for updates.

Skeptical about astrology? Skepticism can be a healthy thing. It counters gullibility and keeps garbage from accumulating in the mind. But a true skeptic should always be prepared to investigate a subject thoroughly before reaching a conclusion. As I point out in the Astrology for Skeptics section, this has not been done. Errors abound, even in extensive academic studies. Most of the arguments against astrology seem to give reasons why it should not be examined at all. I call this the “Lazy Student Syndrome”. As anyone who has tried to teach  can testify, some students devote a good deal of their course time giving the instructor arguments as to why they should not be required to learn the course material at all. As I never tired pointing out to them, if they spent as much time studying the subject, they would all probably pass with flying colors. Many of the arguments I’ve heard against astrology seem to fall into this category. “Oh, we already KNOW astrology doesn’t work, so why bother putting it to the test?” Because they Don’t know that astrology doesn’t work. They don’t know what astrology is, what it claims to do, or how to do a horoscope. That hasn’t stopped some scientists from conducting “tests”. Unfortunately for them, what they tested was not astrology. One of the main purposes of this site is to remedy this situation.

Skeptics may still believe astrology to be false after studying the lessons and doing the exercises, but at least they can say “been there, done that”.

If you “Believe” that astrology works, remember: It’s NEVER a matter of belief. It’s ALWAYS a matter of evidence. Too many people think that all there is to astrology is to find out “What’s happening to my sign?” and this is largely the fault of those terrible so-called “horoscopes” that are printed in newspapers and magazines. They are NOT real horoscopes and should come with a warning label stating this fact. An additional warning should be printed right at the top cautioning readers that “The advice given here is so general that it should not even be considered as guidance by a rational, adult human being!”. Some astrologers claim that they need these columns as publicity so that they can then give REAL readings to people. That is like a doctor trying to build up a medical practice by giving away free snake oil. Astrology will not make progress until serious astrologers publicly disavow and condemn those misnamed “horoscope” columns, like I am doing right now.

The lessons in this website are about REAL astrology. You can use it to get insight into yourself and others, to forecast future trends in your life and make your plans before these things hit you. You can also CHANGE some of these effects by traveling twice a year, once on your birthday and again six months later on your “half-birthday”. And unlike the “paranormal” subjects, all the claims of astrology can be tested.

Also on this site Mr. Marks provides you a Monthly Forecast to help you understand the energies around you. “Be prepared for your future” Make sure to read Mr. Marks Forecast  for this month !

If your interested in learning more about Bob’s accomplishments and credentials please go to the “About Mr. Marks” section.

In addition you can find some of Bobs articles online at “Astrology Research Journal.org. This site is “dedicated to ” Providing Statistical Research and Data for the purpose of testing and putting all astrological claims on a scientific basis”

All the lessons here are free, and you may print them out to your heart’s content. However, everything here is copyrighted, so you may not remove this notice, or my name as author, or try to pass it off as your own, or change any part of the text. Not one word.

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