The Air Signs

Part I - Lesson 4.6

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Gemini: is Mutable Air. The house that has Gemini on the cusp (beginning) shows the place in your life where communications and a constant information flow are important to you. Do you have Gemini on the cusp of the 8th House (sex)? Then you will never be “turned on” by anyone who is quiet.

Stimulating, light, and “fun” conversation, though, should do the trick, before, after, and even during.  But remember that Gemini is Mutable, adaptable, and easily influenced.

This interpretation is modified by the sign and house placement of Mercury (ruling planet of Gemini) in your horoscope, as well as its aspects. For instance, if Gemini is on the 8th cusp and Mercury is in the sign of Capricorn, then the conversation will have to be about a serious subject. That can be a drag when you are trying to talk someone into bed.

Libra: is Cardinal Air. Libra rules beauty, art, charm, and the “social graces”.

Gemini is raw information. With Libra, this is taken one step further. Libra is Partnership. We don’t just have people bumping into each other and exchanging information like two ships in the night.

There is a sense of commitment here, something that Gemini usually tries to avoid (remember that we are speaking about the influence of the sign of Gemini by itself, in isolation from other factors; this does NOT mean that everyone with a Gemini sun-sign avoids commitment).

While Gemini tends to witty, interesting information, Libra gravitates towards beautiful communication. The late Helen Hayes used to tell the story about how she first met her husband, Charles McArthur.

t was at a party and he fell in love with her at first sight. He spent the whole evening talking to her. At one point, they were sitting on a couch and she asked him to please pass the bowl of peanuts. As he handed them to her, he said, “I wish these were emeralds!” She finished the story by saying “I had to marry him after that; I just had to”.

Libra is also the sign of Fairness and Justice. Its placement in your horoscope (along with the placement of its ruling planet, Venus) shows the place in your life where these qualities are most visible and most important to you. The house with Libra on the cusp (beginning) is also the place where the need for beauty is most noticeable.

Aquarius: Is Fixed Air. Notice the progression. Gemini is brothers and sisters, something over which we have no control. Libra is marriage and partnership, which is by choice. Aquarius is friendship, which is also by choice, and brotherhood and sisterhood, which are universal.

Aquarius is always trying to stretch the boundaries, if not break them. In the Zodiac, it comes right after the earth sign Capricorn, which rules organization, form, and limitations.

 Aquarius rips the boundaries and breaks the old forms so that it can bring in something new and startling. It is like Prometheus, defying Zeus to bring the gift of fire to humanity. Like Prometheus, many of them suffer for it.

In the horoscope, the house with Aquarius on the cusp (beginning) as well as the house that contains Uranus, its ruling planet, shows the places in your life where you can be at your most original and independent. If there is any genius in you, these are the places where it will tend to come out. Be careful though.

These are also the places where you will be the most Rebellious, where you can shock people. Aquarius and Uranus tend to defy any established authority (except their own, of course).

They have an open, direct, “in-your-face” quality that is unmistakable, but can get you into a lot of trouble.

The next lesson 4.7 discusses the Water Signs.

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