21 January - 18 February

Part I - Lesson 7.11

This is the sign of everything new, unusual, bizarre, strange, peculiar, far-out, and only on a slow day. Any planet placed here will act eccentric, as if it’s obeying its own laws. It is.

The Sun in Aquarius: The line between genius and madness is thin. Many people with the Sun in Aquarius have erased that line.Think of Carol Channing or Tommy Smothers if you want a picture of what the zany type is like. Ayn Rand and Angela Davis, the Marxist revolutionary, represent the type that is certain they have found the philosophical key to the Universe. Thomas Edison represents the truly revolutionary side of this position. So, in a lesser way, does Charles Lindburgh. Sometimes they see so far ahead that what they talk about seems totally crazy. Years later, they are, more often than not, proved right. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and Aquarius Sun-Signs are frequently closer to their friends than their families. Jack Lemon once said in an interview, that his son was his “best friend”. You could tell by the way he said it that he held “friend” in higher regard than “son”.

The Moon in Aquarius: tends to have a little difficulty in forming close emotional attachments. The mother may have been a little erratic, and this position too, like having the Moon making a stressful aspect to the planet Uranus, can have a few hysterical tendencies.

The Moon is nurturing and Aquarius is freedom loving. People with this placement can love and nurture you while still giving you plenty of space.

Mercury in Aquarius: can seem to pull knowledge out of the air. This is the sign of “exhaltation” for Mercury, so it tends to process information with wicked speed.

Venus in Aquarius: can make friends out of lovers and lovers out of friends. Aquarius rules all forms of electronics and electronic communications, so these folks tend to like phone sex.

Mars in Aquarius: Mars is force, energy, aggression. Here it tends to be focused to the intellect, as, for example, in the horoscope of chess champion Bobby Fischer. He has Mars opposite Pluto, planet of extremes, making him a bit obsessive. He just HAS to win. Mars shows how we fight. In Aquarius, it will come at you from unexpected directions.

Jupiter in Aquarius: tends to get attracted to unorthodox belief systems. It certainly can be friendly, but it shares the Aquarian tendency to love people in the abstract and not actual living, breathing, human beings.

Saturn in Aquarius: needs friends in order to feel safe and secure. One woman I know of with this placement started a commune in the late 1960’s and filled it with all her friends.

Uranus in Aquarius: is in its own sign. It was last here during World War I, a war which, in typical Aquarian fashion, turned everything upside down. Uranus is back in Aquarius right now. This time, we seem to be going through a more peaceful revolution: the Internet. As always, Uranus changes things dramatically, even shockingly. Enjoy the ride.

Neptune in Aquarius: can make the imagination a little bizarre, but the idealism, the dream of this generation, is for the Aquarian ideals of freedom and independence. Many of the generation that fought the Civil War had this placement. Neptune is back in Aquarius right now. Perhaps government efforts to control the Internet will run into a few problems.

Pluto in Aquarius: The planet of Death and rebirth in the sign of sudden, radical changes. The last time this happened was during the French Revolution, a time period that shook Europe to its very foundations. People born during that time were obsessed, as a generation (not, of course, every single individual), with the new ideas of Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality, all of which have an Aquarian nature.

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