21 March - 20 April

Part I - Lesson 7.1

The Sign of Aries: is the sign of action. Any planet found in Aries there will hyped up and forced to act continuously in overdrive.

The Sun in Aries: tends to make the entire character lean towards action and initiative. When the Con Edison utility company put its first woman to work on a street crew years ago, the TV cameras were there to cover it. They showed the woman operating a jackhammer and then they interviewed her. On her coveralls was a large button saying simply “ARIES”.

When the reporter commented on it, the woman said: “Yeah, I like to be first”

The Moon in Aries: can be much more emotional than the Sun in Aries. The temper inclines to be short, but, as is typical with Aries, it doesn’t last long. Tomorrow, they will be fighting about something else. It is said that you can’t persuade anyone with an Aries Moon that they are wrong because, by the time you’ve gotten your arguments together, they’ve already acted on whatever it was and gone on to something new. The women in the life tend to be Aries types, active and aggressive.

Mercury in Aries: activates the mind. Mercury here doesn’t just study or investigate subjects. It attacks them. If the Sun happens to be in a slower, more methodical sign. like Taurus, the mind could be said to run ahead of the person, darting from conclusion to conclusion before the body manages to catch up.

Venus in Aries: activates the expression of affection. Liz Taylor has this placement (and her Venus sits close to Uranus, planet of sudden, unexpected change; what a surprise). So did Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow. Julian Armistead once gave a lecture on Liz Taylor’s horoscope. He pointed out that Venus in Aries people need constant excitement in relationships. When things finally slow down and get comfortable, they start looking elsewhere.

Mars in Aries: You might say that Mars is at home here since it is the “ruler” of this sign. And Mars in Aries does tend to give extra energy as well as a constant need for activity. Mars shows the type of action we take, our style of action. In Aries, it is impulsive, tending to charge right in. People with this placement have to learn about “staying power” and sticking with something until it is finished.

Jupiter in Aries: Jupiter is where we feel safe and secure, optimistic and lucky. In Aries, that means we feel good when we take initiative, lucky when we charge right in. Jupiter also shows something about our religious and philosophical beliefs, our ability to get the “big picture” rather than those little details. In Aries, that means we have to grasp them fast. If it takes too long, we get bored and move on.

Saturn in Aries: Saturn shows where we feel UN-safe and IN-secure. Its sign position shows what we absolutely must have to feel security and safety. In Aries, that means initiative. The worst thing you can say to a Saturn in Aries person is ” Sit there and wait; I’ll take care of it”. They will climb the walls. Waiting on line is another thing that they absolutely cannot stand. Does anybody like to wait on line? Not really, but hey, it happens. So get over it, right? Not for a Saturn in Aries person. To feel safe and secure, they must have the initiative. Saturn in Aries is prone to headaches and problems with the teeth, especially the upper teeth.

Uranus in Aries: Uranus is a planet of independence, innovation, and genius. It is very comfortable here in the sign of new beginnings. Be careful of something else, however, that can come from all of this haste. Accidents. Unless something else in the horoscope can moderate this placement, excessive haste can be a problem. This is a superior position, though, for coming up with inventions and ideas that can be innovative to the point of being shocking.

Neptune in Aries: increases the activity of the imagination. Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years and therefore affects a whole generation at a time. Some astrologers tend to minimize the sign position of the outer three planets because of this. I disagree. Sign position is ALWAYS important. Neptune in Aries causes the imagination to be excitable, sometimes excessively. Not bad if Neptune has some moderating influences.

Pluto in Aries: Pluto is where we can go to extremes. Aries is where we take action. If you think that this makes for self-involved people who are prone to take extreme action, you are right. Those born in the 1830’s and 1840’s had this placement. When they grew up, they became a very optimistic, can-do generation.

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