Brynn Hartman

The whole key to this horoscope is that Saturn sitting on the bottom of her chart. It also makes a square (stress) aspect to her Ascendant. Saturn tends to depression. But like Pete Rose, she had five planets in Fire signs and five in Fixed signs, giving her traits of the signs of Leo (nothing but the best). Speculation in the media was that she killed her husband because he was going to divorce her and she couldn’t take loosing her life style. Partly true, but that powerfully place Saturn tells a different story. She couldn’t stand another rejection. And with that Fixed sign majority, she couldn’t stand change. There is a T-Cross formation with UranusNeptune, and the Moon. Moon/Uranus stress aspects tend towards hysteria. Neptune increases this reaction when one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Natal Chart of Brynn Hartman

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