22 June - 22 July

Part I - Lesson 7.4

This is the sign of moods and mood swings. Any planet placed here will tend to express itself through the emotions. 

The Sun in Cancer: wants what it cannot have, and then looses interest when it finally gets it. If you are in love with a Cancer (well, God help you, but that’s another story) always play hard-to-get, even if you’ve been married to them for years. When positive, this placement can be nurturing and sustaining. When negative, well, did you ever see that old Saturday Night Live routine, “The Whiners”?

The Moon in Cancer: is also very moody. There is great ability to just absorb sense impressions and not forget them. The sign of Cancer doesn’t like to throw anything away. People with this placement of the Moon will never forget if you hurt their feelings, although they may forgive on rare occasions. The Moon here doesn’t think about things as much as it meditates on them, turning them over in the mind again and again. There has to be some other factor in the horoscope to get the person to actually act. Otherwise, they tend to just sit there. If you have this Moon position, get up and move. Do something. Anything. Action is especially good for you. It gets you out of your moods and the things you accomplish may actually make you happy.

Mercury in Cancer: Since this sign doesn’t like to get rid of things, the mind will tend to remember all sorts of trivial, random memories. Cancer is the sign of emotions and feelings. Anything will be remembered that makes an emotional impression. These folks also tend to be convinced by arguments that have an emotional appeal. They are inclined to put feelings first and logic later.

If you have a friend with this placement, be prepared to have them cry on your shoulder a lot while they are telling you about the complaint of the day. On the positive side, they will let you return the favor. Communication, to them, is about emotion

Venus in Cancer: can express affection by “mothering” you, and that’s usually how they expect to receive affection as well. Venus shows what it takes to make us happy. In Cancer, it’s frequently a comfortable home. These people a sentimental (some would say maudlin) in romance. Watch out if you get involved with one because their feelings are easily hurt. On the negative side, Venus in Cancer may WANT to suffer in love, seeking out one bad relationship after another, so if you have this placement, don’t do that. It’s disgusting. There, you’re cured.

Mars in Cancer: is supposed to be weak. Tell that to the late Sugar Ray Robinson, who was probably (pound for pound) the greatest boxer of all time. Since Cancer is the sign of female biological functions, women with Mars here tend to be stronger than normal. Remember that Mars is the planet of energy and action, wherever it is placed, and Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, a sign of action. The energy just tends to go into the emotions, that’s all. Of course, this can lead to more than the usual number of arguments, disputes, and fights. Sugar Ray wasn’t the only boxing champion with this placement. If you live with someone who has this placement of Mars, keep them busy around the house. As long as that energy has an outlet, the chance of arguments will be minimized.

Jupiter in Cancer: Jupiter is exalted here. A planet in the sign of its exaltation has its positive qualities strengthened while the negative qualities are weakened. Remember though, that for any placement of any planet, it’s what we do with it that counts. Good luck can be squandered, and so-called bad luck be a spur to the ambition. Jupiter here is supposed to increase the luck. It certainly did that for Oliver Cromwell, who never lost a battle. His Jupiter, however, had square aspects (90 degree angles) with Mars (anger and war) and Saturn (good organizing ability, but Saturn tends to be cold and strict) and he was a religious fanatic. Normally Jupiter here is a little more cheerful in religious matters, but it does tend to be conventional and dogmatic. It also tends to offer extra “protection” during childhood and tends towards comfort at both the beginning (the early years) and the end (retirement) of life.

Saturn in Cancer: just need a home in order to feel safe and secure. World War III could happen and as long as their home was the only one to survive, these folks would be ok.

Uranus in Cancer: If Uranus is the only planet in a Water Sign or a Cardinal Sign, then it will be able to focus much of the energy of the horoscope here. Watch out. If Uranus is the only water planet, it will strongly affect feelings. People with this one tend to be a bit hysterical and have extra trouble committing to an emotional relationship. Their urge is to run. This placement is similar to Uranus in aspect to the Moon.

Neptune in Cancer: The generation born just before World War I had this one. The fantasies will tend to be more emotional in nature and center around things connected with the sign of Cancer, such as domestic matters and homeland.

Pluto in Cancer: made a generation that was obsessed with home and homeland. These folks were born between 1914 and 1939. When they grew up, the suburbs in this country exploded. Everybody HAD to have their own home. Around the world, most of the colonies became independent. Home and homeland.

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