Client Four (DENVER)

Client Four, Half-Solar Return, Denver: By moving from New York City to Denver, Jupiter is in the 5th house (romance). Five planets in Capricorn are now sextile the Mid-Heaven (career, and also, as I forgot at the time, Public Image). Soon after her Half Birthday trip to Denver, she got on the Rolanda Watts talk show. The topic for the day was “Women Who Can’t Find Dates.” As a result of her appearance, she got over 20 calls and letters from all over the country. She did get a new boyfriend, but she complained that the others were still writing her, calling her, and generally being a nuisance. So be careful what you wish for because you can get it. Now some may say that it was the appearance on the Rolanda Show that made her romantic life pick up. But what got her on that show out of all the thousands of possible guests?

In Tune With The Universe

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