Client Two, Solar Return, Des Moines, Iowa: Jupiter (“luck” and expansion) is now in her 2nd house (money) and it makes a trine aspect (120 degrees, more “luck”) to her Mid-Heaven (career). This means that it in addition makes a sextile aspect (another favorable influence) to her Nadir (home and real estate matters). Uranus (the unexpected) and Neptune (dreams and illusions) also trine Jupiter. Those planet to planet aspects don’t change with location. However, the aspects to the Mid-Heaven are location dependent, and Uranus and Neptune are now both trine the Mid-Heaven as well. Uranus brings favorable unexpected changes. Neptune helps your public image. The results? Her birthday was in December. By May 1, everything was rented. In the meantime, the bank sold her mortgage to another bank, and they lowered her interest rate by a point. They also forgave over $2,000 in late charges that the other bank had billed her for.

In Tune With The Universe

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