Do You Have a Majority of Planets in One House Type

Part II

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The Angular Houses correspond to the Cardinal Signs. These signs have to do with how we start things. A majority of planets in Angular Houses means that you will tend to concentrate on situations that are immediate.

You are probably a “let’s get it done right now” kind of person. Bill Gates has six planets in the angular houses. It is reported that he thinks taking a vacation is a sign of “weakness”.

Muhammed Ali also has five angular planets. In the ring, nobody was better than him at getting the job done “right now”.

  1. Edgar Hooverhad six angular planets. This placement seems to be especially good for executives.

The drawback is that you can be so focused on things of the moment, you can forget to look a little further down the road. That certainly happened to the Rev. Jim Bakker who never figured that he would get caught. It also tripped up the Rev. Jim Jones. Of course, the action he took was insane.

The Succedent Houses correspond to the Fixed Signs. Fixed signs have to do with how we develop and administer what we have already started. A majority of planets in Succedent Houses means you will tend to concentrate on what you really value and be focused on future potentials rather than immediate problems. Bruce Willis has 6 planets in Succedent Houses.

You wouldn’t think that he would be so oriented on values and the future by looking at those action movies of his. But look again. He constantly takes risks by appearing in off-beat films, such as “Pulp Fiction”.

The Cadent Houses correspond to the Mutable Signs. Mutable signs concentrate on communications, on looking at things from all sides. They are big on conversation and analysis, short on making decisions and taking action. A majority of planets in Cadent Houses can make a person more oriented to the past, rather than present or future. Communications will be emphasised. Goldie Hawn has 5 planets in Cadent Houses.

She does mostly light, breezy comedies. Jennifer Jason Leigh has 7 cadent planets. The situation in her chart is complicated by the fact that all of them are in Fixed Signs, which insist on depth. The cadent emphasis here helps her to develop her characters by looking at them from all directions. There are 7 planets in Aquarius, so she would prefer strange and shocking roles.

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