Eleventh House

"Friends ,Hopes and Wishes"

Part I - Lesson 6.11

Friends, hopes and wishes. But it goes beyond that. House number eleven also shows how one can deal with groups of people, so it has some relation to business affairs as well. Also, since this is the second house from the tenth, it can indicate money directly earned from career matters. The second house, however, is still the one that shows total income from all sources. It is possible, for example, to have a strong eleventh house, meaning that the income from career is excellent, but have a weak second house which would mean you couldn’t hold on to the money.

Sun in the Eleventh House: if not afflicted, would mean, among other things, that you should get along well with Leo Sun sign folks, or at least with those who have strong Leo emphasis in their charts.

Friends would tend to be showy and attention seekers. Your hopes and wishes would tend to be a little grand as well. If you have this placement, you should work well with groups, unless, of course, other factors interfere (such as Saturn sitting here with the Sun). if not afflicted, would mean, among other things, that you should get along well with Leo Sun sign folks, or at least with those who have strong Leo emphasis in their charts.

Moon in the Eleventh House: Moody, emotional friends. Isn’t everybody moody and emotional on occasion? If you have the Moon here, your friends can be described as being NOT moody only on occasion. On the positive side, they can be very nurturing to you in times of stress. Frequently though, it is you who has to be nurturing to them. Try to keep you hopes and wishes from fluctuating too much.

Mercury in the Eleventh House: tends to give lots of acquaintances flitting into and out of the life. You probably find it difficult to be friends with a silent person. Your friends are likely to be talkers, or writers, or travelers. For you, writing your hopes and wishes down is an excellent way to keep them from changing from day to day.

Venus in the Eleventh House: means your friends will have to be charming and possibly artistic. At least they have to show some taste. Negatively, they can just be self indulgent. Your hopes and wishes will tend to center around pleasant things, such as dessert.

Mars in the Eleventh House: gives active, assertive, aggressive friends. Those that are lazy or passive need not apply. There will tend to be arguments with friends, more than what would be considered “normal”. When it comes to hopes and wishes, you will most likely charge right in. Train yourself to pause and consider first, to see if the hope or wish is worth pursuing. You will have to do this consciously as pausing and considering don’t come naturally with this placement.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House: can make it almost too easy here. There will tend to be “luck” through friends and there is ability to attract those wealthier than yourself. Consider, however, the meaning of true wealth. Friends may have wisdom rather than money. The danger here as far as hopes and wishes are concerned is that you may find them so easy to achieve that you stop making any effort, being content to just let things fall into your lap. Eventually, they do stop falling and then you are out of luck.

Saturn in the Eleventh House: No, this does not mean you won’t have any friends. They may be fewer in number, but that is probably because you are selective here. Additionally, they will tend to be older by at least seven years. If you have this placement, you probably had older friends when you were a kid. You are the one that has to really work for those hopes and wishes, and you will probably envy those who have Jupiter in the eleventh house. Don’t. By sticking to your game plan (putting in extra effort and leaving nothing to chance) you can actually come out way ahead of them. Remember the old story about the grasshopper and the ant.

Uranus in the Eleventh House: OK, your friends are crazy. At least they’re not dull. Actually, they would tend to be independent, original, and not fit into any square holes. Your hopes and wishes would have to be “different” as well. something out of the ordinary.

Neptune in the Eleventh House: Take great care not to attract “friends” who do nothing but take advantage of you or drain you emotionally. Wherever Neptune goes in the horoscope, we can fall into a “savior-savee” situation. Frequently, this means you are always trying to “save” your friends. Sometimes, it can mean that you want them to “save” you. Neptune can work it either way. Of course, this is the negative manifestation. On the positive side, all this may do is to attract artistic, sensitive friends. Hopes and wishes can really tend to be nothing more than daydreams with this placement. Take off the rose colored glasses and get to work.

Pluto in the Eleventh House: As always, this is the planet of all or nothing. Friendships may be few, but it is an until death do we part situation. You most likely loathe weak people and would never even consider having one as a friend. If friendships ever do go sour, there is a tendency to go from “I love you” directly to “I hate you”. Nothing in between. You probably throw everything into achieving your hopes and wishes as well. Be careful what you wish for. You will most likely get it. Make certain it’s something you want.


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