Elizabeth Taylor


The closest aspect to her Mid-Heaven is from Neptune. Yes, that rules the film industry. But it also could incline to a career in social work! Why didn’t that happen here? She has three placements in her 5th house, the house of creativity and self expression, and that is a strong artistic indicator. Pluto at the top of the chart can raise you out of the crowd. It is also ruler of Scorpio, sign of sex. Not bad for a sex symbol. Pluto and the Moon are each other’s sign (mutual reception) and this, in effect, increases the Moon’s influence over her career. That means a career that will have either you or what you do come before the public. Her Venus in Aries gets bored if a relationship isn’t constantly exciting. Then, it’s on to the next one. Venus is less than one degree away from Uranus (strong conjunction) and this magnifies that effect. Was it eight marriages? I lost count. Venus is the ruler of her Libra Ascendant (Note: there is another time of birth for her in the literature, but that gives her Sagittarius rising and that chart simply doesn’t fit) and Venus in Aries gives her traits of that sign making her feisty. There are no planets in cadent houses. This could manifest as a weakness when it comes to the “background” preparations. At least with her marriages, she always has to start over.

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