Fifth House

"The House of Fun"

Part I - Lesson 6.5

Love and romance, children and creativity, sports and games, gambling and speculation, in short, the house of fun!

All the other houses up to this point dealt with staying alive. This is the first house that says “Let’s enjoy ourselves”. This house shows romantic interests, but not marriage. That’s the seventh house’s job. Anybody who has ever been married can tell you that marriage and romance are entirely different things.

Sun in the Fifth House: Since the Sun “rules” Leo, the 5th sign, we would expect it to be strong here. It is. This position increases the creative urge. It can also indicate that the person who has it will put love first. The Duke of Windsor did. The great strength and greatest weakness of this placement is that everything may be taken as a game. The lovers, and the first child (if there are any children at all), will tend to be fiery, dramatic, and stubborn.

Moon in the Fifth House: gives an emotional need to be on stage, but, since the Moon rules moods, this alternates with a desire to withdraw into a shell and be alone. The romantic interests will tend to be on the moody side and will either want to “mother” you (even the men) or be mothered by you. Be careful as this placement tends to attract “whiny” types. If you have children, you will have to watch the mood swings of the first born.

Mercury in the Fifth House: If you have this one, you will never fall in love with a silent person. You have to talk to them and have them talk to you—a lot. The first child will tend to be a talker too. You can express yourself creatively by writing or speaking.

Venus in the Fifth House: The romantic interests have to be charming, no two ways about it. This position of Venus increases artistic taste and talent, but it can also tend towards self-indulgence in food and, well, all of the sensual pleasures.

The first child (if any) will also tend to be a charmer. The romantic interests have to be charming, no two ways about it.

Mars in the Fifth House: I have a client with this who set track and field records in high school and college. Mars always needs some outlet for all that energy, and here it comes out in sports, games, and romance. Never a dull moment with Mars.

Jupiter in the Fifth House: tends to be omnivorous. Oscar Wilde had this one. No, it doesn’t make you gay. It just means more of everything. You feel confident wherever Jupiter is, and that frequently leads one to expand. In the fifth house, that means confidence in romance, creative endeavors, and gambling. There is a danger of feeling so overconfident that you take one risk too many. Wilde did. The first child (if any) will tend to be a jovial, fiery type.

Saturn in the Fifth House: Planet of fear and caution in the house of fun and games. Right. This can cause a lot of trouble when one is a teenager. There will tend to be extra difficulties with romance, creativity, and fun in general. Saturn’s idea of “fun” is something that takes a long time and lots of hard work. Lighten up already. Remember, Saturn is where we want to control things, and in the fifth house that means control of fun, games, and love affairs. If you have this one, you may not have too many “light” affairs. Saturn wants everything to be important. On the plus side, Saturn here can be very good for creative projects that take forever to do and require endless patience. When it comes to gambling, stay away from the casinos and put your money somewhere safe. Children will also give more than the normal amount of problems.

Uranus in the Fifth House: Let’s say that you go to a party and there’s twenty people in the room. Nineteen of them have regular office jobs and the twentieth is an alien from a UFO Guess which one you would want to get involved with.Teenagers with this one usually bring home dates who have shock value to Mommy and Daddy. “Look who I’m dating. Its’ name is Og and it comes from another galaxy!” This placement can be highly creative, but always in new and innovative ways. Those love affairs will continue to shock other people even after one is past the teen years. The first child will also tend to be either a genius or an eccentric, but children will be accident prone with this one, so be extra careful.

Neptune in the Fifth House: Neptune is where we can do ourselves in, where we wear rose-colored glasses to hide the drabness of mere reality. People with this placement are always thinking that they have found their “soul mate”. It’s usually a heel. There is also a tendency to fall in love with someone because of their faults instead of their virtues. “Oh you poor little thing. I know you’re and alcoholic, a drug addict, a con artist, tri-sexual, and crippled, but let me fall in love with you and make you all better”. If that sounds like you, let me give you a magic number that will solve all of your problems in this area. Please memorize it. It’s 911. Dial that and have them taken away and treated by a professional. Neptune here can be very creative in the arts. There is an increased chance of adopting a child if you have this placement. A natural first child will be on the dreamy and imaginative side.

Pluto in the Fifth House: All or nothing in the romance area. Periods of really intense involvement followed by long stretches of nothing. Pluto “rules” volcanoes and they have to recharge before they erupt again. Games are not games to you. You take them with deadly seriousness and are out for blood. The first child will be stubborn and intense. One of the plusses of Pluto in the fifth house is that Pluto shows where we can recharge when drained, so just take off from work and have a good time. Tell your boss that it’s in your stars. Watch out for a tendency to get obsessed with the current person you’re involved with. And be careful that they don’t become obsessed with you! Pluto can play it both ways.

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