21 April - 21 May

Part I - Lesson 7.3

Gemini is the only sign that can get succeed at doing two things at once. It is the sign of communications par excellence. No other sign can play with words like Gemini. To those with strong emphasis here though, one set of words and ideas is as good as any other. Gemini is not noted for taking strong stands on issues. This sign also rules short journeys, anything not requiring an overnight stay, and the immediate neighborhood, including neighbors. Anything within arms reach. Any planet placed here will tend to express itself through communications in some way.

The Sun in Gemini: tends to make a person restless. I did a horoscope reading once for a man with many placements in that sign, including his Sun and Rising Sign.  I had to go to the computer for a moment to run off an extra chart, so I asked him (half jokingly) “Do you want something to read”? He said no, he was fine. It couldn’t have been more than 5 seconds later though, that he asked me if he could use the phone.

Gemini Sun Sign HAS to have communications.

The Moon in Gemini: gives an emotional need to communicate. Feelings and emotions tend to get communicated easily, sometimes too easily. This is frequently a defense against actually feeling. The mother probably talked a lot.

Mercury in Gemini: is at home here. The mind tends to be quick and the ability to communicate is definitely superior. The negative side is a tendency to be superficial, but this can be counteracted by an aspect of Mercury to Saturn.

Venus in Gemini: will never fall in love with a silent person. They have to talk well — and a lot. This placement of Venus gives the desire to have more than one relationship at a time, and even makes it possible to fall in love with more than one person at the same time. Gemini likes variety.

Mars in Gemini: gives energy that moves in spurts. The energies tend to get scattered in several different directions. Mars in Gemini can give stronger than normal arms though. The person who has this placement will likely be restless and, unless Saturn is strongly placed, lack persistence. Women with this position of Mars will tend to attract men who either move around a lot or talk a lot, or both.

Jupiter in Gemini: is in the sign opposite the one that it “rules”, Sagittarius, so it is said to be in its “debility”. Jupiter is, after all, the planet of expansion, and here it is in a sign of specific details. Nevertheless, it is still Jupiter, and the expansiveness can express itself in the area of communications, the way it did in the horoscope of Jackie Kennedy who spoke several languages.

Saturn in Gemini: doesn’t want to have too many demands made on them. These folks can’t feel safe and secure unless they are free to move around and communicate at will.

Uranus in Gemini: will tend to shock people by expressing weird, socially unacceptable ideas. A whole generation was born with this placement (1943 to 1949) and they fueled the social upheavals of the 1960’s. Remember that the whole chart has to be examined before one can conclude that someone with this placement will behave this way overtly or if it will only be a repressed tendency.

Neptune in Gemini: would have a tendency to verbalize whatever it imagines. The mind would not stick with one fantasy, but would tend to flit from one to another.

Pluto in Gemini: When Pluto is transiting a sign, people alive at that time get obsessed with the things that the sign rules, but they often cannot bring them into fruition. The generation born with that Pluto placement, however, will be obsessed with those things for their entire lives. THEY are the ones who finally make it happen. When Pluto was in Gemini, the great ideas of the age were undermined and started to get overthrown. Planck and Einstein overthrew classical physics, Freud turned ideas of the human mind upside down, and Picasso destroyed art. None of those ideas were really accepted though, until the generation born with Pluto in Gemini grew up and took power. Planck wrote that ideas don’t win out by force of logic, but only when their opponents die out and a new, unbiased generation takes over. Pluto, planet of death and regeneration, in Gemini, sign of ideas.

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