George R. R. Martin

He is a Virgo with Taurus rising he probably edits more than he writes. Critical and stubborn. The 6th house of work has Neptune and Mercury in Libra with Mars in Scorpio which shows a writer of extremely creative and violent stories. He has Aquarius on his Midheaven in the 10th house of career which is a creative genius. Uranus the career ruler is in his 2nd house of money showing an erratic income but when the money comes in it comes in big. The 4th house – the bottom of his chart which represents your childhood has Venus Pluto and Saturn there. This shows a volatile beginning of his life and he probably felt very restricted. Mars in Scorpio in the 6th house squares that Venus and Pluto in his 4th house so his anger went into his work i.e. Game Of Thrones a very bloody violent but brilliant series.

In Tune With The Universe

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