Harry Styles


Harry is an Aquarian with Libra rising and the Moon in Libra. The sign of Aquarius is a person who is extremely bright and a little crazy. His Libra traits make him charming creative and artistic. Jupiter squares his Sun – that is someone who is optimistic expansive and may have a tendency to go a little too far. That aspect is also great for the entertainment business as it gives a need to be before the public. On top of that the Moon sextiles his midheaven and with this the public will love him. He has a very strong 2nd house the money house Pluto is in there. His Mercury squares his Pluto this means his words and lyrics can have great effect on large numbers of people – perfect for someone who makes his living as a singer or actor. He has Pisces on his Fifth house – that makes his relationships illusive but makes him very creative with music or acting. Jupiter is in his first house – that’s a very lucky person. The emotional moon is in his 12th house – this is a person that no one will ever understand but his emotions can come out in his career – so perfect that he is a performer to release all of that somewhere.


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