Is Your Chart Top or Bottom Heavy

Part II

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The top half of the horoscope (also called the southern half) represents the part of us that is easily visible. The bottom half (the northern section) shows the part of us that tends to be less visible.

People with top heavy charts tend to be more public, to be more visible out there in the world, Bill Bradley for instance. He was a basketball star and then a U.S. Senator putting his life under constant scrutiny.

People with the majority of planets on the bottom half tend to be more private, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t ever have public lives

They are what used to be called “inner directed”.

Every now and then, they notice that there is a world “out there” and then they can make a terrific impact because nothing anyone else says can make any real impact on their decisions.

  1. Edgar Hooveris an example of this type.

Mel Gibson is another example of a bottom heavy horoscope.

Yes, he is a movie star and has a very public life. But he always goes his own way and does his own thin, a good example of inner direction.. He has done everything from action-adventure flicks to Hamlet.

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