Kamala Harris


Kamala is a Libra. Mars is right at the top of her chart in exact conjunction with the midheaven giving great energy for career and aims to be in charge. With Pluto and Uranus also in the 10th house she could have a sudden rise to fame with a sudden fall. This is a person who has a lot of action in their career. It also shows a major temper combined with her moon in Aries – do not get on her bad side. She has Jupiter square Saturn which is the Jekyll and Hyde aspect – cheerful one minute and critical the next. Her rising sign is Scorpio with Neptune very close to it in the first house. This means she could be very nasty but confused at the same time. Her Sun is in the 12th house which means no one will ever know her. With all of this she does have great relationships with Jupiter in the 7th house and that also helps with her career.


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