23 July - 23 August

Part I - Lesson 7.5

Leo is the sign of creativity and self-expression. Any planet placed here will tend to express itself dramatically.

The Sun in Leo: This is the sign the Sun rules, so it is particularly strong here. This means a tendency for the “ego” to be strong. A Leo Sun inclines to be extroverted, theatrical, attention-grabbing. It is the sign of the eternal child. On the plus side, this means maintaining a youthful attitude well into old age. On the minus side, it can mean permanent immaturity. As always, the individual has choices as to which direction to go.

The choices that Bill Clinton made will go down in history as a classic case of the negative side of Leo. Hubris. Still, the stubbornness of the sign came through and he stayed in power. Bill Bradley is another politician with a Leo Sun.

Of course, there are many in show business with this placement. Mick Jagger is an obvious case. Martha Stewart is a classic example. She stars in every phase of the operation of her company.

A Leo Sun wants everything they do to be perfect. “Nothing but the best” is their motto. So they either give up and become lazy, preferring to do nothing rather than do less than the best, or they become a dynamo like Martha.

The Moon in Leo: doesn’t feel right emotionally unless they get plenty of attention. The women in the life, starting with the mother, tend to be strong-willed with a dramatic flair.

Mercury in Leo: may not be the best placement for details, but it can get the big picture with little trouble. When trying to persuade someone, this Mercury won’t use logical arguments as much as it tends to use an appeal to the heart. This is different from the emotional appeal that works with Mercury in Cancer. That one runs more like: “We have to nurture that poor person over there”. Mercury in Leo would be something more, well, fiery, such as “Win one for the Gipper”.

Venus in Leo: loves theater and makes love theatrically. Remember, Leo’s motto is “Nothing but the best”. If you are dating someone with this placement, be prepared to put on a show.

Mars in Leo: fights dramatically. When they have an argument, everyone within a two block radius knows it. The only thing that could quiet this placement down is Mars also being in the 12th House, the house that hides things.

Jupiter in Leo: Wants to show off and be a big spender. Of course, whenever possible, they will do so with someone else’s money.

Saturn in Leo: needs 3 things to feel safe and secure. Attention, respect, and admiration. They would rather have these than food.

Uranus in Leo: Uranus is genius and eccentricity. Leo is dramatic and theatrical. Isadora Duncan had this placement. She was a genius who scandalized her age. Of course, not everyone with this Uranus will manifest these qualities so overtly. Isadora had Uranus on one side of the horoscope, all by itself, so the effect was increased and became prominent. Carl Jung is another Uranus in Leo person. He turned the field of psychology upside down with his controversial theory of the “collective unconscious”.

Neptune in Leo: Leo is an aggressive, idealistic sign. Neptune is dreams and imagination. This placement of Neptune produces a generation that can fight for ideals, literally. Neptune was in Leo the last time during the “Roaring” Twenties. The previous time was a few years before the American Revolution. Many of those born with this Neptune placement fought in the War of Independence and World War II. Remember, Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years, so it influences an entire generation.

Pluto in Leo: marked a generation (1939 to 1956, and some in 1957 and 1958) that was obsessed with self-expression. These are the War babies and the baby boomers, and “Do your own thing” was (and still is) their motto. This was the generation that was never going to grow old. As they age, they become fanatic about trying to stay young, hence the proliferation of health clubs.

Before 1960, marketing experts could tell estimate from a person’s income, what kind of car they would probably drive, how expensive their house was, etc. The Pluto in Leo people turned that topsy-turvy because they would splurge on the things most important to them and skimp on everything else. You would get people who would live in a small house but drive a big car and take expensive vacations, or someone who would live in a big house and drive a beetle. And of course, this generation made all those riots on the campus. Pluto in Leo will always defy authority, unless, of course, THEY are the authority.


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