Mars Aspects

Part I - Lesson 5.6

Mars means action, energy, agression and sometimes this can manifest as arguements, but without the action energies of this planet – nothing ever gets done.

Mars Aspecting the Sun: Whatever squares or opposes the Sun frequently shows traits that we reject, that we don’t even want to believe we have. But we do have them. Mars is anger and energy. One woman with a stressful aspect between the Sun and Mars had a violent father who beat her mother in front of the kids. She always wondered why her boyfriends were abusive. I asked her if she also had no energy. She replied “How did you know?”. You cannot cut off the “bad” traits of a planet and keep the good. It’s a package deal. Jung was right in this case. She told herself that she wasn’t going to be like that violent Mars, so she attracted it from the outside. And since she rejected her Mars function, she also cut off her own energy. In other cases, the Mars seems to take over, and the person has an explosive temper. Stress aspects between the Sun and Mars can also tend to be defiant of authority if the Mars influence predominates. Once you learn to deal with this combination, however, the energy can seem never ending. The conjunction is easiest stress aspect to deal with. There is no “projection” with the conjunction. You are simply active and aggressive, and may be mistaken for an Aries Sun-Sign. The harmonious aspects give less temper and more action,making it easier to accomplish things.

Mars Aspecting the Moon: The stressful aspects can really shorten the temper and tend towards an increase in arguments, especially with women. The mother will most likely be more aggressive than normal. Moon-Mars people generally believe that a good offense is the best defense. Unfortunately, they also follow this policy in times of peace. The harmonious aspects also increase the emotional need for action. The Moon is more mental than the Sun (the Moon rules the instincts and feelings) so these aspects lead to a more active imagination. The energy this combination gives enables you charge in and get tasks done. Of course, you have to learn to control and channel those strong emotions first.

Mars Aspecting Mercury: Strengthens the intellect, the conscious mind. Mars is action and aggression, and Mercury is communication, so folks with these aspects don’t shy away from debates. Like Mars placed in the third house, Mercury-Mars aspects give a mind that never seems to rest, never turns off. Problems are not really analyzed. They are attacked. Of course, people with the stressful aspects are more likely to get involved in arguments. As always with Mars, the energy must be disciplined and focused. Otherwise, it tends to run away with you. It’s easier to accomplish this with the harmonious aspects.

Mars Aspecting Venus: Has a reputation for being sexy. Not always. These planets are of opposite nature, so the conjunction sometimes just results in these two canceling each other out. The stressful aspects tend to give bad timing in romance. You’re blowing hot while the one you are attracted to is blowing cold, and vice versa. Mars is aggression and Venus is charm. With the square and opposition, you may have difficulty in deciding which one to go with at any given time. The energy (Mars) can go into creative and artistic pursuits (Venus) or into pleasure and fun. As always, the harmonious aspects are easier to deal with. They tend to increase popularity, even if the rest of the horoscope shows severe emotional problems. For instance, there is a conjunction in the horoscope of Adolph Hitler and he managed to charm a nation before his inner demons showed their faces.

Mars Aspecting the Ascendant: The conjunction gives traits of the sign of Aries. Active, aggressive, assertive, always on the move. The opposition can attract a partner who has those traits. Both the square and the opposition increase the chance of arguments with partners. The square in particular can be a problem. It would rather fight. Naturally, that doesn’t do much to increase popularity. If you have the square of Mars to the Ascendant, you will simply have to curb that excess aggression. It’s just a waste of energy to fight all the time. The sextile and trine tend to be naturally assertive without being aggressive. The energy flows more smoothly and things manage to get accomplished without open warfare.

Mars Aspecting the Mid-Heaven: Inclines towards careers involving action and conflict, such as anything to do with the military or sports, but Mars isn’t that picky about it. Any career will do, as long as there is plenty of action. General Patton had the opposition of Mars to the Mid-Heaven. The stress aspects increase the chance of arguments with the boss, or authority figures in general. The harmonious aspects give energy to the career without all the extra strife.

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