The Bob Marks March
and World Forecasts 2024

Welcome to my monthly forecasts. These forecasts will help you understand the energies around you. The planets are constantly shifting and the universal energies affect our daily lives

Each month I will guide you through the planetary movements and explain them in detail. Some months will have more astrological events than others but there will always be universal movements that will affect you.


There Will be a New Moon in Pisces on Sunday March 10: Uranus is Square Mars. This is a very impulsive aspect. Slow down Do NOT rush! Think before you act. Both planets afflict the Midheaven. That can affect the country’s leaders too. Hopefully they won’t rush and get us all in trouble.

There Will be a Full Moon in Libra on Monday March 25: This can calm things down a bit. Libra is good for discussion and working things out. Spend more time with friends and those you care about.

Friday March 1:Sun Sextile Jupiter: A good day to start important projects. The problem is that you will feel good and just take it easy. Get busy.

Sunday March 3: Venus square Uranus: This is good for sudden attractions that last a few hours. It can also cause you to buy something that looks really good. When you get it home though, you will say “What was I thinking!”

Monday March 4: Mercury Sextile Uranus: This is good for planning things that are new and interesting.

Thursday March 7: Venus sextile Eris: Action plus fun. Now you can do those new and interesting things that you were planning yesterday!

Friday March 8: Mercury conjunct Neptune: Great for reading poetry or a romantic novel. Very bad though for doing your income tax.

Saturday March 9: Mars square Uranus AND Sun sextile Uranus AND Mercury enters Aries: Plenty of energy today. Maybe too much. Do NOT rush things. Mars square Uranus is accident prone.

Sunday March 10: Mercury sextile Pluto: Your mind is stronger now. You can see hidden details that you would normally miss. People are more likely to listen to what you have to say.

Monday March 11 until April 4: Venus enters Pisces: This is good for creativity and enjoyment. Let your imagination soar.

Friday March 15: Mars sextile Eris: Two energy planets working together. Time to get those important tasks done.

Sunday March 17: Sun conjunct Neptune: This is good for imagination and intuition. Listen to that inner voice but don’t act on it yet.

Tuesday March 19: Sun enters Aries: NOW you can take action.

Thursday March 21: Sun sextile Pluto AND Venus conjunct Saturn: Sun/Pluto gives you extra strength and awareness. Venus/Saturn is good for taking care of social obligations and putting things in order. Time to clean up.

Friday March 22: Mars enters Pisces until April 30: Your imagination is energized. Make plans now. Put them into motion after April 30 when Mars enters Aries, sign of action.

Sunday March 24: Venus sextiles Jupiter: Today, take it easy and hang out with friends.

Tuesday March 26: Mercury conjunct Eris: Communications are energized today. Make those contacts now.

Thursday March 28: Venus sextiles Uranus: Have a good time today (Venus) by doing something new and different (Uranus).


"Forewarned is Forearmed"

There is nothing like a major worldwide disaster to ruin your day. What good does it do to read in your horoscope that “Today is a wonderful time to get out and meet new people” if everyone is being forced into quarantine by a pandemic? We must pay close attention to the Astrology of World Events for our own protection.

Do you think this decade, the 2020’s, has been crazy and chaotic so far? Trust me, we haven’t seen anything yet. Not to worry. Forewarned is Forearmed.

First, Pluto, the planet of extremes, entered Aquarius, the Sign of sudden and unexpected changes, on January 20. The last time Pluto was there was during the late 1700’s when we had the American, French, and Industrial Revolutions. The time before that was the early 1500’s. That one gave us the Protestant Reformation as well as 150 years of religious wars.

Right now, there are several potential wars brewing in the Middle East and Taiwan. Artificial Intelligence is poised to totally change the way we work and live. And Pluto is just beginning a 20 year stay in Aquarius.

The big problem here is that all these things are going on at the same time. There is too much happening to put in one post. That is why I am making World Forecast a regular feature of this website. Stay tuned.

See you next month for the April Forecasts and World Forecasts

Bob Marks

"May the stars be with you"

In Tune With The Universe

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