Moon Aspects

Part I - Lesson 5.9

The Moon rules your emotions and when it hits you, you could be moody. On the other hand this planet increases intuition and your desire to connect with others on a feeling level.

The Moon Aspecting the Sun: Can increase moodiness. If you have the conjunction, you have all your eggs in one basket. What you are on the outside and what you feel inside is the same. This increases your consistency but can diminish the breath of your viewpoint.

The sextile and trine tend to be easygoing. Energizing influences have to be provided by other things in the chart.  These harmonious aspects, however, are supposed to strengthen the body and thereby lengthen the life. The stress aspects mean the inner and outer parts of your nature are inclined to work at cross purposes. The Sun shows what your ego needs in order to be satisfied. The Moon shows your “unconscious” needs, your feelings. The stress aspects mean that each of these needs must come from conflicting sources.

For instance, if your Sun is in Aries, you need to take direct action. If your Moon is in the sign of Cancer, then your inner self is sensitive, moody, and not likely to make a move unless things “feel good”. At least this keeps life from getting dull.

The Moon Aspecting the Ascendant: Also makes you moody, especially the stressful aspects. If you have the Moon in conjunction with the Ascendant, you will take on outward traits of the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon.

This can make you extra cautious and sensitive. As with Cancer Sun-Sign people, just keep moving when you get depressed. Better yet, get concerned with other people’s problems. This will help you forget your own (which are largely overblown and only in your head anyway).

The opposition can also give a moody, sensitive partner. The harmonious aspects sharpen your instincts, especially when it comes to dealing with other people. This is a good placement for a therapist. All Moon-Ascendant aspects increase the nurturing ability. The stressful aspects, however, are also likely to demand more nurturing from just about everyone.

The Moon Aspecting the Mid-Heaven: Increases the chance that either you or what you do will come before the public. Specifically Moon-ruled careers include everything from hotel, motel, and restaurant management, to the dairy industry and domestic real estate. But it is good for any career that requires a response from the public. Jane Fonda has the Moon square the Mid-Heaven.

These squares can make the career go up and down and up again. Her career certainly did that before, during, and after the Vietnam war. Salvador Dali has the conjunction. The harmonious aspects work out in a smoother fashion and can make you beloved by the public. Bill Cosby has a Virgo Moon almost exactly trine his Capricorn Mid-Heaven

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