Neptune Aspects

Part I - Lesson 5.2

This is the planet of dreams, imagination, illusion and delusion. Its effect on other planets is as follows:

Neptune Aspecting the Sun: Both the harmonious and stressful aspects tend to increase the imagination. The stressful aspects tend to bring out the more negative side of Neptune. If you have that, then you have to be careful of substance abuse. You also have to be very careful of having your sympathies played upon because you are a sucker for a hard luck story. The men in your life are inclined to be irresponsible. Watch out for the “Savior-Savee” syndrome. You know.

Either you are always trying to “save” people, or you get yourself into situations where they have to “save” you — again and again and again. Any aspect between these two means that it will be good for you to do some sort of charitable activity to keep the Neptune happy.

Neptune Aspecting the Moon: The Moon shows our emotions and emotional needs. When it is aspected by Neptune, the need is for imagination and escape. Excessive day-dreaming is a danger, but this can also be a very creative trait. Stay away from any job that doesn’t utilize your imagination. If you can’t, then at least take frequent breaks. The harmonious aspects mean that people always seem be doing things for you. As with all so-called “harmonious” aspects, be careful that you don’t overdo it and blow your luck. In this case, you could become a leech who can’t do anything for themselves. The stressful aspects tend to attract spacey women into your life, starting with the mother. who could have been so involved with her own fantasies that she forgot to take care of you. Be careful about attracting women “friends” who always seem to drain you emotionally with their never-ending “problems”, most of which are self-caused. And PLEASE, whatever you do, don’t think that you can “save” these people by falling in love with them.

Neptune Aspecting Mercury: Gives a really good imagination, with both the stressful and harmonious aspects. The stressful aspects, however, do funny things to the memory, such as making it possible to remember things that one normally can’t remember, but forgetting things that are normally not forgotten (such as things right under your nose).

Neptune Aspecting Venus: Increases the artistic sensibilities. Both the harmonious and stressful aspects have a tendency to see what they want to see in the romantic area. The stressful aspects especially, have to be careful of falling in love with a different “I’m-sure-this-one-is-my-soul-mate” every other week. Since no one can possibly live up to the perfect ideal that these folks have of what love should be like, people with Venus aspecting Neptune frequently masturbate a lot.

Neptune Aspecting Mars: Can increase “charisma”. Napoleon had the conjunction. So does Bill Clinton. People will obey you without knowing exactly why. The square and the opposition can cause you to start off in one direction and wind up in another. Like an ocean tide, Neptune will pull you where IT wants to take you.

Neptune Aspecting Jupiter: Jupiter is cheerful and expands whatever it touches. Neptune is dreamy, idealistic, and other-worldly. The harmonious aspect tends to make you idealistic, and the things you imagine seem to have practical application more often than not. The stressful aspects increase the chance that you will be just plain gullible. Remember, things are real when they exist, and not just because you imagine them. Take a course in logic.

Neptune Aspecting Saturn: Saturn tends to pessimism and contracts whatever it touches. Neptune rules illusions and delusions. I call this one the �Woody Allen Aspect.� Like those characters in Woody�s movies, Saturn/Neptune people tend to expect the worst. If you have a stressful aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) between these two, I am happy to report that at least 90% of the things you worry about will never come to pass. And much of the remaining 10% is blown out of proportion. On the positive side, Saturn/Neptune contacts increase the ability to take dreams (Neptune) and work on them until they become reality (Saturn).

Neptune Aspecting Uranus: Any aspect between these two will stay around for a few years and can affect a whole generation. Neptune rules the ideals, dreams, and illusions of the entire generation into which we are born. When there is any aspect with Uranus, planet of “I’m going to change everything”, well, that’s not going to be a conservative generation. Uranus wants freedom and independence, and those ideals will tend to be strong, for better or worse.

Neptune Aspecting the Ascendant: The conjunction gives you a dreamy and spacey look. Even if you aren’t a Pisces Sun-Sign, you probably get mistaken for one. You are constantly starting off in one direction and winding up in another. Alcohol and you don’t agree, so stay away. This goes double for drugs. Neptune people are always trying to escape from the mundane. Do it with your imagination instead.

Neptune Aspecting the Mid-Heaven: Can cause the career to take strange twists and turns. You can start out in one direction and wind up in another one entirely. Neptune careers are (1) anything dealing with film or the film industry, or other arts, particularly dance and music (2) anything where you take care of the poor, the sick, or those generally unfortunate, such as medicine or social work (3) anything concerning the sea, which includes careers ranging from oceanography or marine biology to commercial fisherman, or (4) confusion, not knowing what career to take, or getting into something that is far beneath one’s capabilities. The parents will tend to be, on the positive side, idealistic or artistic, or, negatively, irresponsible or substance abusers.

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