Ninth House

"Our view of the universe"

Part I - Lesson 6.9

he Ninth house rules long journeys (those requiring an overnight stay), “higher” education (high school and above), religion (or the lack of it), philosophy, in other words, the principles we are raised with, our view of the universe, our ability to deal with general principles.

Sun in the Ninth House: Higher education and long journeys are where your heart is. There will tend to be a greater than normal interest in travel to far off places, and/or matters connected with “higher mind” (religion, philosophy, dealing with general principles rather than specific facts).

Moon in the Ninth House: The general principles one believes will be held because of emotional, rather than logical reasons. There tends to be a strong emotional need to either travel, study, or both. The general principles one believes will be held because of emotional, rather than logical reasons. There tends to be a strong emotional need to either travel, study, or both.

Mercury in the Ninth House: The mind will tend to be filled with abstract thoughts rather than specifics. People with this placement can explain the general principles of why something works, but they have trouble making actual repairs. The general philosophy of life comes under constant scrutiny. Mercury loves to analyze. However, there will be little emotional commitment to those general principles. To Mercury, one idea is as good as another.

Venus in the Ninth House: When you take a long trip, you just have to go someplace pretty and charming. In a man’s horoscope, this placement shows a tendency to marry (or live with) a foreigner or someone from a great distance away. Alternately, marriage partners may be met through long journeys. The general philosophy of life tends to be of the “live and let live” variety. Since Venus is love and pleasure, there may be a love of higher learning, but little inclination to do anything about the knowledge gained.

Mars in the Ninth House: Is the kind of person who, as a college student, gets into arguments with professors. Mars here isn’t content to simply sit quietly admire an idea, like Venus. These folks have to get out and crusade. I’ve got this placement myself.

Jupiter in the Ninth House: Can give luck through long journeys and higher education. can give luck through long journeys and higher education.

Saturn in the Ninth House: Learns best by getting their hands on something and actually doing it, rather than just from books. Long journeys will tend to be for business, rather than pleasure. Saturn in the ninth house is one possible indicator of a “guilt trip” being laid on you when you were growing up. I have had several clients with this placement who were raised in strict convent schools.

Uranus in the Ninth House: Talk about changing the beliefs you were raised with. Uranus here chops up those beliefs, throws them out, and replaces them with a whole new set, usually something shocking. If you have this placement, never travel to anyplace “usual”. Forget that tour to Paris. Try the Galapagos Islands instead.

Neptune in the Ninth House: Most likely, you accept most of the general principles you live by on faith. When you take a long trip for pleasure, make sure it’s to somewhere near the sea.

Pluto in the Ninth House: Can’t stand religious hypocrisy, can you? Can anybody? Well, nobody LIKES religious hypocrisy, but you can’t stand it. Even as a kid, you probably complained to your parents whenever someone said one thing and did another. Long journeys can revitalize you, especially if it’s to someplace Plutonian, someplace with archeological ruins or volcanic soil, or, better yet, someplace with a live volcano. You can also be revitalized by taking a course in some Plutonian subject, such as archeology, paleontology, psychology, biology, sociology, anthropology, anything dealing with death and rebirth, or bringing hidden secrets to light. If you can’t take a course, at least pick up a book on those subjects. If you don’t feel intellectually inclined, read a murder mystery. For you it will be better than a pep pill.

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