19 February -20 March

Part I - Lesson 7.12

Any planet in Pisces will function as if it were on drugs.

The Sun in Pisces: Aquarius is the genius who “knows”. Pisces is the mystic who “feels”. I call Pisces the most agreeable sign in the Zodiac, because whomever they meet, they agree with. Then they meet someone with the opposite opinion and agree with them too. Afterwards, they go off and do something totally different from either thing that they agreed with. They just don’t want to get into upsetting disagreements. Yes, of course there are many people with a Pisces Sun who will argue, but less than with any other placement. Usually, in those cases, you will find a strong Mars in the horoscope, or Saturn for firmness. Sun in Pisces increases imagination and sensitivity. It inclines to charity and taking care of the poor, sick, and unfortunate. Many of those poor, sick, and unfortunate also have strong Pisces or Neptune placements. Pisces can play both sides of the sympathy fence. More than other placements, it gives a far-away look to the eyes and the ability to just “go off’. It is the only sign that can be alone in a crowded room.

The Moon in Pisces: also tends towards sympathy. At least it did with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On the other hand, this got suppressed in the chart of J. Edgar Hoover and could only come out when he was wearing a dress.

Mercury in Pisces: People with this one can remember in detail anything they have imagined.

If something makes an EMOTIONAL impression on them, the memory can seem photographic. When it comes to reality, forget it.

Venus in Piscesis “exalted”. This placement not only increases the artistic ability. It also enlarges sensitivity. People with Venus in Pisces have difficulty even understanding cruelty.

Mars in PiscesMost of the energy seems to go into the imagination. Few professional athletes have this placement.

Jupiter in PiscesJupiter is our ability to get the “big picture”, and in Pisces, this can be really big. The imagination tends to be enlarged with this one. Excellent for musical talent and taste, including dance.

Saturn in Pisces: can’t feel safe and secure unless the imagination and intuitive abilities are working. This placement can increase the chance of trouble with the feet, particularly when it comes to finding comfortable shoes.

Uranus in Pisces: The planet of genius in the sign of imagination. The last time Uranus was here was during the “Roaring Twenties” when everyone was busy rebelling (Uranus) against prohibition (Pisces rules alcohol). By itself, this placement doesn’t do much. It takes other factors in the horoscope to bring the effects of the imagination into reality.

Neptune in Piscesincreases the imagination, but the effect of Neptune here is so subtle that it seldom effects day-to-day behavior other than a tendency towards idealism that may never be realized.

Pluto in Pisces: This happened the last time during the first two decades of the 1800’s. People born with this placement will tend to be fantasize to obsession. This will not occur again until 2043. If you are still alive then, look for a rise in drug addiction to plague society.


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