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Part V

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To determine how to look for potential health problems in the future, one can use transits, progressions, solar arcs, and eclipses.  We will use Carl Sagan’s  chart to observe what planetary combinations were in effect when he became ill.

It should be noted that when using transits it is the planets from Jupiter through Pluto that give us the most information on upcoming events.However, transiting Mars is a good timer when used in conjunction with these other planets.  

The progressed Sun which is also the same as the solar arc directed Sun is a good timer.  As will be seen in the example using Carl Sagan’s chart, it is the buildup of several indications involving transits, progressions and solar arcs that tells the story. 

Following is a brief description of the meaning of the planets when used in prediction.

Mars — can indicate a fever or inflammation, burns, accidents, wounds.

Jupiter  — can help through its protective influence or when in a negative mode can indicate a disease caused by excess, a liver disease or a blood disease.

Saturn — can indicate the beginning of a chronic problem, less vitality, dental problems, bone or skin problems.

Uranus — can indicate a sudden disease, an accident, a circulatory problem, a problem with the back, or a spasm condition.

Neptune — can indicate misdiagnosis, problems with drugs or alcohol, a lack of tone, an unusual disease, a virus infection, or  worsening of a disease.

Pluto – can indicate a transformation in the body, massive infection, .removal of an organ,  a heredity disease.

An experienced astrologer would also be aware of the progressed Moon which can give one monthly indications of the body and emotions. Using Carl Sagan’s chart the use of predictive techniques will be illustrated.  Carl Sagan became ill in 1994.

On Mar 1, 1994  transiting Pluto was Stationery Retrograde. at 28 Scorpio 04.  This was conjunct his Descendant.  Any time a planet is stationery — whether turning direct or retrograde, its effects are stronger and if that particular planet aspects a planet in a chart, there is an intensification of the meaning of the aspect.  In this case we have the planet of transformation and drastic change opposing his Ascendant.  The Ascendant  can indicate the physical body.

On Mar 25, 1994 the planet Uranus at 25 Capricorn 48 by transit squared Carl Sagan’s Vertex.  As noted earlier, the Vertex is an angle of fate, the natal chart has Uranus opposite the Vertex, and Uranus can bring shock and surprise. The repetition of a natal hard aspect brings out the promise of the natal chart.

On April 4, 1994 transiting Uranus at 26 Capricorn 03 was opposite Carl Sagan’s natal Pluto. Uranus Pluto can indicate shock and upheaval.

On April 30, 1994 transiting Uranus was stationery Retrograde at 28 Capricorn 20 — almost exactly opposite natal Pluto.

On May 8, 1994 solar arc directed Neptune was conjunct natal Venus at 14 Scorpio 34.  Venus is Carl Sagan’s chart ruler and thus affects the physical body.  This can be a toxic combination.

On May 10, 1994 a solar eclipse at 19 Taurus 49 made an almost exact opposition to Carl Sagan’s Sun.  His natal Sunis in the 6th house of health and also represents the physical body, vitality, and life.  An eclipse on a personal point in a chart usually indicates some action connected with the planet being eclipsed.

On May 27, 1994 transiting Uranus again opposed Pluto.

On June 7 1994 transiting Uranus again squared natal Vertex.

On June 22, 1994 Saturn was stationery retrograde at 12 Pisces 24.  This is almost exactly opposite his Mars Neptune conjunction.  A combination of Saturn to Mars and Saturn to Neptune is especially difficult and is usually indicative of a health crises. This also sets off the toxic combination of natal Mars conjunct Neptune. Transiting Pluto opposed the Ascendant exactly on July 15, 1994.– bodily transformation and crises.

On November 3,1994 a solar eclipse occurred at 10 Scorpio 54 in his sixth house of health and conjunct Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and the Sun.  A lunar eclipse occurred on November 18, 1984 at 25 Taurus 42 which is within minutes of his Ascendant.  Lunar eclipses indicate very emotional times.

It should also be noted that Carl Sagan’s Ascendant is conjunct a particularly malefic fixed star — Algol.

It is possible that had Carl Sagan believed in astrology and had seen an astrologer he might have been told of the possibility of a health crises years in advance and been able to take measures to improve his health.

At the same time, there are no guarantees and it is easier to see things in retrospect.  However, no one could doubt the severity of planetary combinations that was to occur in his life in 1994.

Carl Sagan passed away in Seattle Washington on December 1996.

The above is a brief introduction to Medical Astrology.  For more details, including more case studies and a listing of the astrological significators for many disease states, you can purchase her book How to Give an Astrological Health Reading.

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