Princess Diana

Diana was a Cancer Sun sign – nurturing but a tendency to be moody. She was born with Libra on her midheaven which gives a very charming public image loved by many. Her Moon trine her Midheaven increases fame in one’s lifetime. Uranus also sextile her Midheaven and that’s a person that will fight the regime. She had her moon opposite Uranus – she was a non-conformist – hated restrictions – had to be her own person. She had Sagittarius rising that makes a person forthright and someone who wants to be free. The Sun and Mercury were in her partnership 7th house she needed a partner who she could talk to and as we know she didn’t have that. In her chart Venus was in the 5th house the house of children and we know how much she loved her children. Her Venus also was squared by Uranus and the moon and that made her relationships unstable and short.

In Tune With The Universe

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