Rupert Murdoch

Rupert is a Pisces with the moon and rising sign in Sagittarius. This is a man that wears a velvet glove with an iron hand in it – a very aggressive guy. With all that strong Sagittarius he definitely has a temper. It’s his way or the highway. His Midheaven in Virgo seeks perfection when perfection doesn’t exist. He has Pluto in Cancer in the 8th house – that gives him power over group resources and values. With his media empire he has influenced millions of people’s beliefs. But he himself is behind the scenes as Neptune is just behind his midheaven. He has Jupiter in his 7th house bringing him luck with other people and partners. His moon in Sagittarius is in the 12th house so no one will really every know what this guy is feeling not even him.

In Tune With The Universe

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