23 November - 21 December

Part I - Lesson 7.9

This is the most open sign in the zodiac.

The Sun in Sagittarius: Sagittarius Sun-Signs tend to be very straightforward in speech but clumsy physically. This is why Sagittarius is supposed to be the sign of good luck. If it weren’t, they would all either be murdered before the age of 10 (“What did you say to me!? I’m going to kill you!) or break their necks in ridiculous accidents. This placement inclines the person to travel the world and tell stories. Mark Twain was a Sagittarius Sun-Sign. So was Winston Churchill. Great talkers. Don’t expect them to listen, though. Their favorite curse word is “boring”.

The Moon in Sagittarius: gives an emotional need to think and talk big, to be restless, to want adventure. Frequently, there is an inner optimism that keeps you bouncing back from setbacks.

Mercury in Sagittarius: is not really illogical. It just doesn’t usually want to be bothered with what it considers trivia, and what the rest of us call the practical necessities of day-to-day living. Dr. Zamenhof had this placement of Mercury. Who is Dr. Zamenhof? The inventor of Esperanto, the perfectly constructed language that nobody wanted to speak.

The good Dr. invented it because he thought that if everyone spoke the same language, there would be world peace.

Compare this with what a person with the more practical Mercury in Capricorn did. Sir Issac Pittman, who had that one, invented Pittman shorthand. He asked himself what people needed and what they would use.

Mercury in Sagittarius can be very good, though, for getting the “big picture”. Sir Issac Newton discovered some of the basic laws that run the whole Universe

Venus in Sagittarius: No, Venus in Sagittarius is not fickle. People with this placement are just looking for an ideal, and ideal lovers are rare, to say the least. So they keep looking. Their love-making style tends to be rather straightforward. If you have your eye on someone with this placement, start out by being their pal.

Mars in Sagittarius: gives energy that moves in spurts. The archer shoots an arrow and then has to reload. Frequently, the next arrow is shot in another direction that may look more interesting. If you have this placement, you tire very easily when doing work that you find boring (even if you are well rested). On the other hand, you could be exhausted, but up comes your energy if you see something interesting. Sagittarius rules the legs and Mars here means that you have to keep them moving, even when you are sitting down. Take long walks if you have a Sagittarius Mars. Don’t ask what part of the body you have to keep moving if you have Mars in Scorpio.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: gives luck with a good chance that it will be blown through overconfidence. The astrologer Rod Chase gave a lecture on Jupiter and mentioned that two of his cousins had it place in Sagittarius. The first had it in House number seven, the marriage house. She was married three times, and this in an old-line Southern family where no one got divorced even once. The other cousin had that Sagittarius Jupiter placed in the eighth house, which rules, among other things, sex and inheritance. She inherited over $100,000 and blew it all within two years.

Saturn in Sagittarius: feels safe and secure as long as it understands every situation that it’s in. This is not always the most practical placement (“The house is on fire, but that’s ok; I understand how it started”. Never mind that. Get out of the house!). There is also a need to feel free and to be able to comment on everything.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Uranus loves to shock. While Uranus in Gemini has a tendency to say shocking things, Uranus in Sagittarius likes to have shocking principles and tell shocking stories. Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita, and Alfred Hitchcock both have this placement. Sagittarius is also a sign of adventure and Uranus is independence. Ernest Hemingway was another one born with Uranus here. And these traits show up clearly in the horoscope of Charles Lindburgh.

The shocking philosophy part is best illustrated with the chart of Karl Marx.

Neptune in SagittariusUranus acts. Neptune dreams. Uranus seems to function like a radar that can see through fog. Neptune is the fog. Sagittarius is philosophy. Neptune here can increase the chance that the principles we hold dear are nothing more than illusions. Of course, people always have to be careful of this no matter what their horoscope. But Neptune placed here will tend to magnify this tendency. As mentioned above, Karl Marx had Uranus here, which made him want to put his philosophy into action. He also had Neptune in Sagittarius, less than six degrees away. His philosophy was nothing more than an illusion, and millions died as a result.

Pluto in Sagittarius: is obsessed with long journeys. This is the generation (1995 to 2008) that will want to go into outer space, the only true long journey left.

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