Sally Struthers

Neptune right on her Ascendant gives her traits of Pisces, the chameleon sign. She got her breakthrough role in “All in the Family” because she had a great New York accent. She never lived in New York and her family wasn’t from there. She was roommates with a New Yorker for about a year before the audition and, typical of Neptune, she picked up the accent. When it’s on the Ascendant, Neptune increases sympathy. Sally has done work for the Christian Children’s Fund. The negative side of Neptune, however, inclines towards self-destructive behavior, especially with drugs and alcohol. That’s always a potential danger. Neptune also makes a square aspect (90 degrees) to her Mid-Heaven (career) and that inclines to film and television. On top of that, there are 5 planets in her 10th house (career) and 3 of them are in Leo, the show business sign. The Moon, ruler of her Cancer Mid-Heaven, is in her 3rd house (communications). A career in movies and TV would be a natural. No planets in Earth signs, and this sometimes means a lack of concern with the practical details of everyday living. Or there could be “overcompensation” and obsessive neatness. But the Earth sign Capricorn is on her Nadir. The older she gets, the more she will act like a practical, efficient Capricorn.

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