24 October -22 November

Part I - Lesson 7.8

This is the most open sign in the zodiac.

Scorpio is the sign of extremes, such as birth and death, decay and regeneration. It also rules everything hidden and underground. Any planet placed in Scorpio will have its function intensified . A lot.

The Sun in Scorpio: If you ever want to know the real dirt on someone or something, ask a Scorpio Sun-Sign. Somehow, these folks manage to get all the secrets and know where all the skeletons are buried. Just don’t ask them about their own secrets. They’ll cut you off fast. Back in the late 1950’s when it was the style to have TV interview shows that humiliated and insulted the guests, the late Bert Lancaster was being interviewed by John Wingate. Lancaster thought he was there to plug his latest movie and, all of a sudden, he was being asked all sorts of personal questions. After delivering a few choice insults, as only an angry Scorpio Sun-Sign can do, Lancaster walked off leaving Wingate with 15 minutes of dead air time (it was a live show). STING. This sign represents the highest and the lowest.

Dr. Jonas Salk, whose anti-polio vaccine is still saving thousands of lives every year, was a Scorpio Sun-Sign. So is Charles Manson. The highest or the lowest.

The Moon in Scorpio: The Moon is emotions and Scorpio is the sign of extremes and jealousy. Any questions? It goes without saying that these emotions have to be channeled into the right direction or there may be a few minor problems. On the positive side, this placement increases the emotional need for great sex.

Mercury in Scorpio: gives a subtle mind that is always looking for secrets or something hidden. This is a great position for a detective or therapist. Mercury in Scorpio is also great for finding weaknesses in opponents — or anyone else, for that matter. And talk about a sharp tongue! The have an instinct for saying the one thing to shake anyone else up. Even if they don’t say it, they are thinking it. Not a bad placement for a writer of murder mysteries.

Venus in Scorpio: Venus is what makes us happy. Scorpio is sex, obsessions, and obsessions with sex. Relationships are seldom light and breezy with this placement of Venus. If you have this one, you can love partners or hate them, but it is always with passion. Nothing half-hearted here. Scorpio is the sign of the “underworld” and those with this Venus, at some point in their lives, will be attracted to pleasures or people that society considers illicit or downright illegal. Ironically, they can come out of it renewed, like the mythical Phoenix, rising out of its own ashes. That is, if they are lucky.

Mars in Scorpio: Let’s say that the President of the United States has Mars in Scorpio, and aliens attack from outer space. The first thing they would do is reach for the thermonuclear weapons. Now let’s say that there is a fly buzzing around their head and disturbing them. The first thing they do is reach for the thermonuclear weapons. Mars is the fighting ability, and in Scorpio, it is either on or off. Nothing in between. People with this placement have to learn moderation in battle.

Jupiter in Scorpio: In the area of religion and philosophy, there is a tendency to be attracted towards all things hidden and mysterious. One woman I know of who has this placement became successful as a private detective. Jupiter is where we are “lucky”. Well, at least it is where we feel good and secure (Saturn, by contrast, shows what we NEED to feel secure, what we FEAR not having) so we can relax there and get things done easily. Jupiter in Scorpio can give us “luck” in dealing with other people’s money and resources, in having these available for us when we need them.

Saturn in Scorpio: has an above average need for a sexual relationship. But there is also a fear (Saturn) of being overwhelmed by the other person, so Saturn in Scorpio people will do things to pull back. Like picking a fight just when things are going great. Or that wonderful Scorpio trick, being mad (or, though they don’t like to admit it, AFRAID) about something and picking a fight about something else. And you, of course, have to make the connection.

Uranus in Scorpio: The planet of the unexpected in the sign of sex and death. The last time Uranus entered Scorpio was 1975, just about the time that the AIDS epidemic started.

Neptune in Scorpio: The illusion of this age (1956 to 1971) was that people could be reborn (Scorpio) through drugs (Neptune). There was also great concern about pollution, with very little action taken. Neptune changes minds. Action comes later. In this case, Uranus and Pluto followed Neptune into Scorpio and that’s when we got environmental protection laws.

Pluto in Scorpio: happened from 1984 to 1995. This generation will be obsessed with all things sexual (who isn’t, but they will be even more so). Even more, however, they will be the generation to bring about a biological revolution, including human cloning.

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