Second House

Money, Possessions, Self-Worth

Part I - Lesson 6.2

The Second House shows the state of your money and possessions, the things that you value, including your sense of self worth.

Sun in the Second House: will focus conscious awareness on money and possessions. These tend to become very important to someone with this placement. If the Sun forms stressful aspects (see the lesson on aspects) these may be used to compensate for a lack of self worth.

Moon in the Second House: Wherever the Moon is in the horoscope, things go up and down as if pulled by the tides. Here, of course, that applies to money and the sense of self worth. If you have this placement, you have to salt something away during the up phases so that you can get through the down times. Good advise for anyone? Yes, but especially for those with the Moon in the second house.

Mercury in the Second House: Increases the chance that income will depend on communication skills. There is also a tendency to think about most things in terms of money and possessions.

Venus in the Second House: Venus is the planet of love, and here, it can give a love of possessions. But not just any old possessions. It gives a desire to collect beautiful and artistic things. It can also show a tendency to either spend a lot on one’s romantic interest, or, conversely, a desire to have the romantic interest spend a lot on you.

Mars in the Second House: Money in…money out. Mars doesn’t care which it is as long as the money is moving. Mars is, after all, the planet of action. There should be little trouble GETTING money. Mars just takes action. There tends to be difficulty in holding on to it though, since Mars is an impulsive spender. Like those with the Moon here, you have to make sure to save something for emergencies, but for a different reason. The Moon can cause income drops. Mars spends too freely.

Jupiter in the Second House: Jupiter is supposed to be the planet of good luck and Saturn the planet of bad luck. So why are there so many poor people with Jupiter here and so many rich ones with Saturn in the second house? Remember, Jupiter is where we feel lucky and optimistic, and Saturn where we feel fearful and insecure. The Saturn folks are so afraid of poverty, they work like crazy to have enough. Even when they get it, they STILL feel poor. Enough is never enough for them. Those with Jupiter in the second house, however, tend to feel “lucky”. Why not?

Whenever they need money, it seems to fall in their laps, so why kill yourself working? I mentioned this to one of my early clients, a nurse.

She told me that a few years earlier, she couldn’t meet her rent.

All of a sudden, she got a check in the mail from her last job with a city hospital (their paperwork takes forever).

She had forgotten that they owed her money, and it was just enough to cover the rent.

With Jupiter in the second house, you will never starve, unless you are so incompetent that you blow your luck.

Saturn in the Second House: can work out in three different ways. First, there are those for whom enough is never enough. They tend to become rich in money, but they have to watch out not to miss out on life’s other pleasures. Second are those who value security and protection above all else. They frequently gravitate towards “secure” jobs in the civil service or with large corporations (although the downswing movement has changed this). The third group gets depressed and gives up. This last alternative is to be avoided.Stephen Arroyo points out in his book “Relationships and the Life Cycle” (I highly recommend it) that Saturn shows what we regard as “important”, so important that we try to control it. So important that we get nervous and fearful and frequently blow it. In the second house, the important thing for Saturn is money. If you can work through your fears (Saturn) you will find that your sense of self worth is ultimately more important.

Uranus in the Second House: Now how do you suppose the planet of crazy and unexpected events will act here? The same way it acts anywhere. People with this placement are frequently self employed or get paid on commission. Those in show business tend to have this one. The money comes in lumps, and then nothing for a while. If you have a “normal” 9-5 job and Uranus in the second house, something always seems to happen to interrupt the income, frequently something crazy. I don’t just mean things like quitting or getting fired (although that tends to occur with greater than normal frequency with this one). I mean things like the company burns down, or the chief financial officer embezzles all the money and runs off to Brazil. The only way to have both a steady income and Uranus in the second house is to work in some high tech or electronic field that Uranus rules.

Neptune in the Second House: The most frequent statement made by those with Neptune here is “Where are my life savings? I left them here a moment ago”. Wherever Neptune is in our horoscope is the place where we don’t want to look at reality but would rather dream. Treat your money and possessions as if they belonged to someone else. Then you will take better care of them. With Neptune here, there is sometimes guilt associated with money. There can be a tendency to avoid it because money is thought to be “dirty” in some way, or the person feels that they don’t deserve to be rich. Ironically, some with Neptune in the second house can conceive of large scale financial schemes. Neptune is, after all, the planet of imagination. Money can come from medicine and social work (taking care of the poor and the sick), from film or dance (the artistic and imaginative side), or from bartending (Neptune rules alcohol). Drugs come under Neptune as well. If you like that area, better make it a legal drug or chemical company, otherwise you’ll land in another Neptune-ruled place. Prison.

Pluto in the Second House: This is the planet of extremes. All or nothing. Life and death. Obsessions. Wherever Pluto is in the horoscope, we can easily become obsessed, and here, in the second house, it can easily be with money and possessions. But the opposite extreme is also possible and the person with this placement can treat money as if it were worthless. This is not the same as the vague feelings given by Neptune here. Pluto makes a full all or nothing commitment. If you have this Pluto placement, don’t just sit on your resources. They will grow or die, so keep working.

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