Sixth House

"Servants of all sort"

Part I - Lesson 6.6

The Sixth House shows HOW you work, not your career. That is governed by your tenth house.

If the job you have is shown by your sixth house, well then it’s just a job, not a career. It also “rules” co-workers and subordinates.

The sixth house indicates the quality of SERVICE you give to others as well as the quality of service they give to you, so this house rules, by extension, servants of all sorts.

The other thing to look for here are conditions of health, the type of ailments to which you are prone.

The Sun in the Sixth House: means that you heart has to be in your work in order to get anything done, and you must be given appreciation for what you do. Couldn’t that apply to anyone? Not nearly as much as it does to you. You have to “shine” where you work. So do the people who work for you. They tend to be dramatic and showy.

The Moon in the Sixth House: gives an emotional need to work. This is one of the workaholic positions. You are at home at work, and your work area will tend to look like a second home with little domestic touches. The co-workers and subordinates you attract are likely to be moody, and either they will need “mothering” or they will try to mother you.

Mercury in the Sixth House: Communications are emphasized with this placement. Work will heavily involve speaking, writing, or traveling, no matter what your career. The tendency is also to attract talkative co-workers and subordinates.

Venus in the Sixth House: The work environment is pleasant. It HAS to be otherwise you just can’t stand it. In a man’s chart, romantic interests are often met at or through work. This placement often makes it easier to find a job when you need one.

Mars in the Sixth House: Another workaholic placement. Mars needs action. If you have this placement, don’t take a routine desk job. Be up and around, moving, even arguing. Good for work requiring use of tools, machinery, or sharp instruments. Co-workers and subordinates will also be aggressive and energetic. Be careful of arguments on the job. Ah what the heck. You would probably love it.

Jupiter in the Sixth House: gives luck with finding jobs. Just make sure that you don’t blow it after they hire you because you happen to get “bored”. Make sure that you are up walking around at work. Jupiter “rules” the legs and they have to be kept active here. Co-workers and subordinates are generally jovial types or they come from foreign places and totally different backgrounds.

Saturn in the Sixth House: I’ve seen this one too many times for it to be a coincidence. Saturn in the sixth house can mean that you don’t really succeed or get paid what you are worth on the job for at least seven years. The trouble is, many people with this placement quit after a couple of years out of frustration, and that puts them back to square one. Another seven years! Many of these Saturn in the sixth folks eventually go into business for themselves for this reason. Work is important to those with Saturn here. This position frequently gives superior organizational skills. Again, in the long run, the person with Jupiter, planet of “good luck”, in this house may squander it all while the one with Saturn here learns from the extra obstacles and pulls ahead.

Uranus in the Sixth House: can’t stand to have anyone look over their shoulder while they work. The only boss that you can stand if you have this placement is one who says “Here’s the job. Good-bye. See me when it’s finished”. You may be a genius at work or just plain crazy. Either way, you can shock those around you. Expect to quit or get fired more than normal because “Those people at work are idiots!”. Naturally, unusual jobs are best for you, or something dealing with electricity or hi-tech. Anything where you can innovate and shock to your heart’s content.

Neptune in the Sixth House: If your work doesn’t involve either taking care of the poor and unfortunate or using your imagination, prepare to daydream like crazy on the job and feel as if you were thrown into prison. You will get more than your share of co-workers and subordinates who will try to drain you both materially and emotionally.

Pluto in the Sixth House: One of my first clients with this placement had it highly “afflicted” (forming “stressful” angles with other planets; see the lesson on aspects). I said that she had to be careful of violence from co-workers. She said “Are you sure it’s my co-workers”? She was an undercover cop. If you have this placement, you need work that can really grab you, something you can get obsessed about. The work itself probably involves “death and rebirth”, which covers everything from psychologist to sewer worker. If it’s a “normal” job, the Pluto will come out in other, probably more negative ways: office politics and power struggles.

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