Sun Aspects

Part I - Lesson 5.10

The Sun has to shine. It craves attention and it needs to do things that are creative and not routine. With the Sun,  you could do something that you could put your heart and soul into.

Pluto Aspecting the Sun: Gives power, intensity. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) mean that others will have an instant reaction to you. They will like you or hate you on sight and will not be able to say why. It’s just a gut reaction that this combination brings about. All Pluto aspects to the Sun will give you good ability as a healer (doctor or psychotherapist). They also can make you a good detective. No planet better than Pluto when it comes to finding out secrets.

Neptune Aspecting the Sun: Both the harmonious and stressful aspects tend to increase the imagination. The stressful aspects tend to bring out the more negative side of Neptune. If you have that, then you have to be careful of substance abuse. You also have to be very careful of having your sympathies played upon because you are a sucker for a hard luck story. The men in your life are inclined to be irresponsible. Watch out for the “Savior-Savee” syndrome. You know. Either you are always trying to “save” people, or you get yourself into situations where they have to “save” you — again and again and again. Any aspect between these two means that it will be good for you to do some sort of charitable activity to keep the Neptune happy.

Uranus Aspecting the Sun: Gives independence and the desire to do things “differently”. When positive, brilliance to the point of genius. When negative, it can make you an eccentric who delights in shocking people, or just plain crazy.

Saturn Aspecting the Sun: The harmonious aspects simply incline the person with them to be practical, conservative, and orderly. When Saturn makes harmonious aspects, it seems to give benefits grudgingly, and these only have to do with stabilizing things shown by the planet it is aspecting. The STRESSFUL aspects are where Saturn really goes to work. With Saturn stressfully aspecting the Sun, there are usually the following difficulties with the father: (1) he isn’t there, either due to a long work schedule, separation, divorce, or death (2) he is there but he is so aloof, distant, and unfeeling, he might as well not be (3) he is there, but he is always sick, or (4) he is there but he is always strict and a disciplinarian.

Jupiter Aspecting the Sun: Has the reputation for being the original “good-time-Charlie” but this is not always the case. John D. Rockerfeller Sr. had the square between these two. In his case, it simply increased the desire for more, more, more. With him, the planet Saturn was also strongly placed, and that factor was probably responsible for keeping him from spending his money as fast as it came in. Jupiter tends to confer an optimistic attitude, a constant “Of course I can do it”. Well you know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Jupiter gives you the confidence to venture and the “luck” to back you up. The danger here, even with the harmonious aspects, is that one day, you will push that luck too far.

Mars Aspecting the Sun: Whatever squares or opposes the Sun frequently shows traits that we reject, that we don’t even want to believe we have. But we do have them. Mars is anger and energy. One woman with a stressful aspect between the Sun and Mars had a violent father who beat her mother in front of the kids. She always wondered why her boyfriends were abusive. I asked her if she also had no energy. She replied “How did you know?”. You cannot cut off the “bad” traits of a planet and keep the good. It’s a package deal. Jung was right in this case. She told herself that she wasn’t going to be like that violent Mars, so she attracted it from the outside. And since she rejected her Mars function, she also cut off her own energy. In other cases, the Mars seems to take over, and the person has an explosive temper. Stress aspects between the Sun and Mars can also tend to be defiant of authority if the Mars influence predominates. Once you learn to deal with this combination, however, the energy can seem never ending. The conjunction is easiest stress aspect to deal with. There is no “projection” with the conjunction. You are simply active and aggressive, and may be mistaken for an Aries Sun-Sign. The harmonious aspects give less temper and more action,making it easier to accomplish things.

Venus Aspecting the Sun: The only possible major aspect here is the conjunction, as Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun. Any planet in conjunction with the Sun will give the personality traits of the sign that this planet rules. With Venus, you usually get a mixture of Libra charm and Taurus sensuality. The only possible major aspect here is the conjunction, as Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun. Any planet in conjunction with the Sun will give the personality traits of the sign that this planet rules. With Venus, you usually get a mixture of Libra charm and Taurus sensuality.

Mercury Aspecting the Sun: The only possible major aspect is the conjunction, since Mercury never gets more than 28 degrees from the Sun. This aspect has a reputation for giving a little extra mental stability. It can also add to the communications ability. Remember, any planet in conjunction with the Sun will give the person traits of the sign (or signs) that the planet rules. In this case, that would be Gemini and Virgo, two signs that are good dealing with information.

The Moon Aspecting the Sun: Can increase moodiness. If you have the conjunction, you have all your eggs in one basket. What you are on the outside and what you feel inside is the same. This increases your consistency but can diminish the breath of your viewpoint. The sextile and trine tend to be easygoing. Energizing influences have to be provided by other things in the chart. These harmonious aspects, however, are supposed to strengthen the body and thereby lengthen the life. The stress aspects mean the inner and outer parts of your nature are inclined to work at cross purposes. The Sun shows what your ego needs in order to be satisfied. The Moon shows your “unconscious” needs, your feelings. The stress aspects mean that each of these needs must come from conflicting sources. For instance, if your Sun is in Aries, you need to take direct action. If your Moon is in the sign of Cancer, then your inner self is sensitive, moody, and not likely to make a move unless things “feel good”. At least this keeps life from getting dull.

The Sun Aspecting the Ascendant: The conjunction can make you act like a Leo, theatrical, creative, and a bit self-centered. With the square, you have to learn good manners and fairness because there is a tendency to be overbearing. The opposition can attract a partner with Leo traits. It also means that you can express yourself better with a partner around. As always, the trine and sextile work the easiest, increasing charisma and inclining to be good-natured.

The Sun Aspecting the Mid-Heaven: Doesn’t really care what the career is, as long as it gives plenty of respect, attention, and, oh yes, authority. This one is not bad for stage actors, but, no matter what the career, with the Sun aspecting the Mid-Heaven, it’s always show time in the career area.

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