21 April - 21 May

Part I - Lesson 7.2

This is the sign of “inertia”. Any planet placed here will take a longer time to get moving, but will be much more difficult to stop. Taurus, being an “earth” sign, is also oriented towards physical things rather than mental ( like air signs) or emotional (like water signs) or action (like fire signs).

The Sun in Taurus: tends towards stubbornness (inertia again). They are deliberate, very oriented toward the material world, and they do NOT like change in any form. Their favorite phrase is likely to be “Let me chew this over” or “Give me some time to digest this”. The shoulders, neck, and lower jaw tend to be tight and need frequent massage. For some reason, thin Taureans are moved to ecstasy by music. They also tend to be fashionable. The other Taurus is the “bull” or linebacker type, and they couldn’t care less how they look, as long as they have enough food and drink. To them, these come even before sex.

The Moon in Taurus: tends to be very romantic — about the past, the good old days. Men with this placement will over idealize their mothers. The Moon shows where we can be moody. Taurus can minimize sudden mood swings due to the sign’s inertia. However, when depression does set in, it can stay for the long haul. People with this placement have to be careful of brooding, especially over the past.

Mercury in Taurus: thinks about, money, food, owning real estate, and retirement. Like any Taurus placement, Mercury here takes a long time to get moving. But when it does move, it won’t stop. This goes for talking, reading, writing.

Venus in Taurus: If you are going with someone who has this placement, be prepared to touch and massage them constantly. Too much is just barely enough for these folks. They love desert and as an aphrodisiac, something sweet works better than liqueur.

Mars in Taurus: People with this placement of Mars never fight. Everything is going to be done their way — or else! So why bother to fight? Folks with this Mars may take longer to start, but they won’t stop until feeding time.

Sexually, they like it plain and simple, with a direct approach that some would characterize as “bestial”. Don’t expect romantic flourishes here. Once they start, however, they can go all night.

Jupiter in Taurus: thinks that every problem can be solved with more money (thanks to Frank Signorella for this one). The philosophy of life tends to be materialistic. Unless something else interferes, the general philosophy of life will be materialistic.

Saturn in Taurus: All a person with this placement needs to feel safe and secure is to have a roof over their heads, a few articles of clothing to wear, a little money in the bank, and, most important of all, ABSOLUTE certainty as to where their next meal is coming from.

 If they get these things, they will seem to be the least materialistic of people. Once that little bit of security is threatened, however, they climb the walls until they get it back.

Uranus in Taurus: Here, the planet of sudden and unexpected change is in the sign that is slow to get started but difficult to stop. Evangeline Adams wrote that when Uranus is in Taurus, its “great energy is set to honest, constructive work” and I would have to agree.

The erratic nature of Uranus is curbed here and the force of the planet does seem to concentrate in practical, material matters where its originality can have a great effect.

Neptune in Taurus: When the planet of imagination is in a material sign, the dreams, fantasies, and ideals of that generation will tend to be about material things. Since a whole generation is born with each placement of Neptune (it stays about 14 years in each sign) we can get an age that concentrates on materialism.

Pluto in Taurus: Pluto rules Scorpio, so it is debilitated in Taurus, the opposite sign. Here we have the planet of death and rebirth in a sign of stability, the planet of obsessions in a sign that loves material and sensual pleasures. The last time Pluto was here was from about 1853 to 1883.

That was a generation that believed strongly in material progress and slow, steady improvements, and ignored forces that were lurking right beneath the surface. They led humanity into World War One.


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