The Bundle

Part II

Sections 10.3

When the planets are crammed into one third of the wheel, or less, we have a bundle horoscope. By way of contrast, a splash chart scatters a person’s energies. A bundle concentrates them.

This chart shape makes it easier to focus on one thing over a long range of time. It’s not that bundle people can’t have a wide range of interests. They are simply less influenced by what goes on outside of themselves. They are more likely to create and live in their own little world.

In some cases, this can manifest as self-centered insensitivity. In others, they can make a big impact on the world because they tend to be immune to outside criticism and can’t be easily dissuaded. There is also, according to Marc Edmund Jones, a self-obsessed quality bundle people. The effect can work even when the planets cover a little more than 120 degrees as long as the signs at each end are trine.

An example of the bundle chart is the horoscope of Robert Shapiro, one of the lawyers on the winning side of the O. J. Simpson trial. Uranus is at 4 degrees Gemini, Mercury is at 3 degrees Libra, and all the other planets are in between. Little is known about his personal life, but the bundle would give the ability to focus his energy. This is a plus in any profession, but especially in the courtroom, where every job is a battle.

Ironically Marcia Clark, one of the prosecutors in the O. J. case, also has a bundle chart. In her chart, the bundle is wide, going from the Moon at 12 degrees Gemini to Saturn at 24 degrees of Libra. Shapiro’s Saturn is at 12 degrees Gemini, right on top of Clark’s Moon, so she would always have a tough time beating him.

His Sun is in the 12th house (behind the scenes activity) showing that he would rather stay behind the scenes. Her Sun, by contrast, is in the 10th house (career and public image) projecting her more strongly into the public eye.

When Leo (sign of the ego) is the Sun-sign in a bundle horoscope, watch out! Mick Jagger has a wide bundle (17 degrees wide to be exact) and his megalomania is well known. While this is great on stage, it has caused some problems in his marriages.

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