The Planets

Part I - Lesson 2.0

In Astrology, every planet is connected with certain “functions.”

The Sun: Your ego, your basic character. What you are at heart. How you relate to men in general, especially the father. If the Sun is strongly placed in your horoscope, you will tend to be outgoing, authoritative, maybe even a bit theatrical, and you will be more likely to seek attention. The Sun rules the sign of Leo.

The Moon: Your instincts, habit patterns, and unconscious drives. What kind of home you prefer. How you relate to women in general, especially the mother. If the Moon is strongly placed in your horoscope, mood swings tend to be more pronounced and you will be more likely to consciously make decisions on the basis of hunches or feeling. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer.

Mercury: Your ability to think, communicate, and gather information. If Mercury is strongly placed in your horoscope, you will have an increased need for communication and variety. You are more likely than most people to spend a lot of time on the phone. Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo.

Venus: Your ability to express affection. Artistic taste. Love, possessions, and happiness. People with Venus strongly placed in their horoscopes are more likely to be considered charming and they will tend to be strongly attracted to the arts. Venus rules the signs of Libra and Taurus.

Mars: Aggression and energy. If Mars is strongly placed in your horoscope, you will tend to be active, energetic, assertive, even aggressive. Mars rules the sign of Aries.

Jupiter: Your ability to grasp general principles, as opposed to the specific sense data of Mercury. It also charts our optimism. The sign position of Jupiter shows where we feel most safe and secure and can therefore take advantage of opportunity. This is the quality that is frequently referred to as “good luck”, but is really just “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius.

Saturn: Caution and fear, contraction. Also ambition and determination. Without the obstacles of Saturn, we would never grow. Saturn is strongly placed in the horoscopes of doctors, research scientists, and business people.  The sign position shows what we need to feel safe and secure, and what we fear that we will never have enough of. Since this is where we tend to be fearful, we become nervous and tend to “mess up”, or never try at all. This is the quality that frequently comes across as “bad luck”. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn.

Uranus: Your originality and drive for freedom. This is the “Rebel” planet. It opposes the established order simply because it is an established order. Besides, it thinks it can do a better job.  When Uranus is strong in the horoscope, we get people who are considered geniuses, eccentrics, cranks, or insane by the society they live in. These people have a strong tendency to shock and upset others, even when they don’t seem to want to. Examples are Isadora Duncan and Lenny Bruce. Politicians with Uranus strongly placed tend to overthrow the “establishment” only to build a new, frequently more oppressive order. Don’t vote for them! As an example, take a look at the horoscope of Adolph Hitler. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius.

Neptune: Where we see the world through “rose-colored glasses”. Where we see what we want to see. This is the planet of imagination as well as illusion. If Neptune is strongly placed in the horoscope, the person is most likely to be considered imaginative and sensitive. Negatively, there is a potential for substance abuse. Once more, I must emphasize that the whole horoscope must be analyzed before jumping to conclusions. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces.

Pluto: Sex, death, and regeneration. Extremes. Where we tend to pull out all the stops and never compromise. Pluto strongly placed in your horoscope generally means you are a person not to be messed with. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio.

Let’s move on to the next lesson 3.0 that will discuss “The Houses”.

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